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Blueface Height, Bio, Wiki, Education, Age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Dating And Other

blueface height
blueface height

Blueface Height

At six feet and three inches, Blueface, whose true name is Jonathan Jamall Porter, stands out significantly in the rap world. That is approximately 1.93 meters, or 193 cm, tall! It appears as though he is both literally and symbolically towering over the opposition. He stands out from other rappers in the industry thanks to his distinctive height.

Blueface is extremely athletic in addition to being tall. Have you seen the guy, really? He exudes a truly athletic aura and has an incredible physique. He used to play basketball for his school, therefore I’m sure his height had no negative effect on his skill. He seems to have an inherent advantage when playing basketball.

And get this, his parents are tall too! So, it seems like he definitely got his height genes from them. It’s kind of cool how he’s using his height to his advantage in his music career. You don’t see many rappers as tall as him, which makes him even more memorable.

Some people even think he might keep growing since he’s still pretty young. Can you imagine if he ends up being one of the tallest rappers ever? That would be wild! But hey, if he had gone the basketball route instead, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. With his height and athletic background, he could’ve been a real star on the court too.

Who is Blueface?

Blueface, whose genuine name is Jonathan Michael Doorman, was brought into the world in Los Angeles, California, on January 20, 1997. He made his music debut in October 2018 with the tune “Regard My Crypn.” That is the one liable for those engaging tunes, without a doubt.

He soon attracted the attention of industry heavyweights and signed with Cash Money West, essentially the West Coast division of Birdman’s Cash Money Records label. For an emerging star, that’s a significant accomplishment!

Then came “Thotiana” on January 29, 2019. That track was huge! It climbed as far as possible up to No. 8 on the Announcement Hot 100. However, in the same way as other celebs, Blueface had his portion of promising and less promising times. In November 2018, he got into some serious trouble. There was this incident on the State Route 14 freeway in California involving gunfire between vehicles, and Blueface’s ride ended up crashing into the divider. He got taken in on suspicion of assault with a lethal weapon.

And it continued after that. Three months later, he and a few other people were arrested once more, this time for possessing a loaded gun. It’s as though he was trailed by legal drama. A lot of people were eager to follow his story, especially because August 16, 2019, was his jury trial date.

In other words, Blueface’s career has been a wild trip filled with both chart successes and legal run-ins. In the music industry, he has undoubtedly established himself, but things haven’t always gone as planned.

Blueface Biography

Born on January 20, 1997, right in the heart of lively Los Angeles, California, Blueface has been shaking up the rap scene with his hits like “Freak Bitch” and “deadlocks.” Those tracks definitely got people talking, and they even topped the charts despite stirring up some controversy.

But he’s not just a flash in the pan. Blueface dropped an EP called Two Coccy, and tracks like “Tatiana” and “Next Big Thing” really caught fire, especially after being featured on WorldStarHipHop. “Deadlocks” even snagged a spot on “The #Leakshow 10” playlist alongside heavy hitters like Roddy Ricch’s “Die Young.”

Before he was spitting bars, Blueface actually gave football a shot, playing at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. But life had other plans for him, and he ended up working at an office supply store in San Francisco for a bit. Eventually, though, he felt the pull back to LA, and that’s where he really made his mark.

Presently, assuming you look at Well known Bio, you’ll see Blueface recorded as one of the huge names in rap, and he’s piling up that paper as well. At only 22 years of age, he’s as of now hardened his spot as perhaps of the most sweltering demonstration in the game. Love him or disdain him, you can’t reject that Blueface is causing disturbances with his interesting style and skill for getting individuals talking.

Blueface Wiki

Full NameJonathan Michael Porter
By NameBlueface
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Date of Birth20th January 1997
Age25 years old
Height1.93 m
Height in Feet6 feet and 3 inches
Height in cm193 cm
Weight78 kg
Weight in Pound171 pounds
Dating History
Marital ConditionIn a relationship
SpouseWill be Updated Soon
EarningNot Known
Net Worth$5 million

Blueface Age

Jonathan Michael Doorman, otherwise called Blueface, doesn’t stay quiet about his age. He was brought into the world on January 20, 1997, solidly in the core of enthusiastic Los Angeles, California. At 25 years of age, he’s glad to call the West Coast his home, with those California roots running profound. There’s no requirement for any sleuthing here; Blueface is very easy to read with regards to his birthday.

Blueface Education

Blueface’s journey through school was quite the ride. He bounced around different elementary schools before finally landing at Arleta High School in LA, where things really started to get interesting. Not only was he hitting the books, but he was also hitting the football field hard. By 2014, he was the star quarterback leading the team.

Nevertheless, he made the decision to attend Fayetteville State University in North Carolina with his schooling and football abilities following high school. Indeed, it’s most likely that he continued to play there. However, occasionally, you get a surprise from life that you did not anticipate. Blueface took a risk in 2016 by quitting college and choosing to follow his own path. The whole point of life is to navigate its twists and turns, and Blueface was prepared to forge his own route.

Blueface Family

The facts of Blueface’s family life have been somewhat private, and sadly, we still don’t know who his parents are. But this provides some insight into his childhood: He was raised in Mid-City, at the very center of Los Angeles. He bounced around a lot between schools during his days of elementary school. After that, he moved to Santa Clarita Valley to temporarily stay with his mother. However, the detours of life led him to Oakland, up north, where he made his home with his father. Although family ties can be a little enigmatic at times, this is all that is currently known about Blueface’s origins.

Blueface Dating

Blueface is pretty tight-lipped when it comes to his personal and love life – he keeps that stuff under wraps. We’re all itching for updates, but for now, he’s staying mum on the details of his relationships. Past flames, ex-girlfriends, and all that romantic jazz? Well, that’s all part of the mystery that Blueface is keeping to himself.

As for his marital status and any talk of divorce, Blueface is playing it close to the chest. He’s not giving away any hints about those aspects of his life just yet.

The entire “dating” process might be a bit of a mystery in the world of celebrities. Sometimes speculations of a romance can start only by them being spotted together.  It’s that gray area where we’re left wondering – are they just pals, testing the waters, or full-on in love? Blueface seems to be handling all this with a sense of privacy, leaving us with plenty of questions but not many solid answers about his love life.

Blueface Career

It was an incredible adventure for Blueface to enter the rap scene. He made the brave decision to release his debut music on SoundCloud, making himself publicly available. Using platforms like Instagram and SoundCloud, he hustled hard, connecting with fans and slowly building up his support squad.

Then came ‘Deadlocs,’ and man, did that track make waves! It blew up, hitting a crazy 2 million views on SoundCloud in just under a year. Talk about making an entrance, right?

But Blueface wasn’t about to pump the brakes. Nope, he followed it up with ‘Thotiana,’ and that’s when things really took off. The single not only boosted his fan base but also earned him respect from the entire rap scene. From there, it was hit after hit, and before you knew it, he was getting requests left and right to perform at schools and community events. The love was pouring in, and Blueface was lapping it all up.

And he’s not just riding solo anymore. Blueface is leveling up with collaborations, teaming up with heavyweights like Quavo and Drake, and already making waves with Lil Uzi Vert. His latest track, ‘Bleeding,’ is smashing records and winning hearts all over the country.

Finally, in December 2018, Blueface finalized the agreement with “Cash Money West,” securing his place in the rap industry. It appears that the man is unstoppable at this point since he is on fire.

Blueface Net Worth

When it comes to Blueface’s bank account, it’s all about that rap hustle. The guy’s main gig is dropping those sick rhymes, and let me tell you, he’s raking in some serious cash doing it. With his upcoming studio album, ‘Find the Beat,’ causing a stir, it’s no wonder the guy’s making waves.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Blueface’s net worth? Well, it’s sitting pretty at over $4 million (USD) as of January 2024. That’s not pocket change; it’s a testament to the hard work and success he’s bringing to the table in the music game. Seems like Blueface isn’t just finding the beat; he’s also finding that green.


  • Level: Blueface stands tall at six feet and three inches, making him roughly 1.93 meters or 193 centimeters.
  • Athletic Background: Blueface has an athletic aura and physique, having played basketball during his school years. His height likely gave him an advantage on the court.
  • Genetics: Blueface’s parents are also tall, suggesting he inherited his height genes from them.
  • Potential Growth: Some speculate that Blueface might continue growing, considering his young age.


Blueface, whose genuine name is Jonathan Jamall Watchman, is an unmistakable figure in the rap world known for his music as well as for his wonderful level. Remaining at six feet and three inches, or roughly 1.93 meters, he orders consideration both in a real sense and emblematically. With an athletic foundation, especially in ball during his school years, his level probably furnished him with benefits on and off the court. Regardless of confronting lawful difficulties, Blueface has taken huge steps in the music business, marking with Cold hard cash West and delivering hit tracks like “Thotiana.” His vocation direction keeps on rising, procuring him a total assets of more than $5 million. Nonetheless, insights concerning his own life, including connections, remain generally private.


What is Blueface’s height?

Blueface stands at six feet and three inches, or approximately 1.93 meters.

Does Blueface have an athletic background?

Yes, Blueface played basketball during his school years, showcasing his athleticism alongside his remarkable height.

What is Blueface’s genuine name?

Blueface’s genuine name is Jonathan Michael Watchman.

What is Blueface’s total assets?

As of January 2024, Blueface’s total assets is assessed to be more than $5 million.

Is Blueface currently in a relationship?

Blueface keeps his personal life relatively private, so details about his current relationship status are not readily available.

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