June 13, 2024

CSGO Update: New Map Pool, Grenade Support, Left-Handed View Model & More!

CSGO Update New Map Pool

Hey CS2 fans! Guess what? There’s a new CSGO update! Now is the best time to hop back in the game and check out all the exciting new changes. If you want to try out these CS2 updates and improve your gameplay, check out our CSGO accounts for sale at U7BUY. With our accounts, you can experience all the latest CS2 updates firsthand. Let’s take a closer look at these changes and see how they’re going to make your CS2 experience even better!

Left-Handed Viewmodel: A Big Change for Left-Handed Player

CS2 Left-handed command players now have the choosing of shifting their on screen CS:GO weapons to the left side of the screen for the better gameplay experience. This update was highly requested by the CS2 community. It gives players more control over how they play and makes the game more comfortable and useful for left-handed gamers.

Grenade Assistance: Perfect Your Throws with Precision

Another exciting addition to this CS2 update is the introduction of grenade assistance. Now, when aiming grenades, players can see a trajectory arc, providing valuable visual aid for more accurate and strategic throws. Whether you’re trying to land the perfect smoke, flash, or HE grenade, this feature is sure to elevate your gameplay and help you outsmart your opponents.

New Map Pool: Fresh Challenges Await

  • Ancient: With its unique setting and layout, intense gameplay, and deep strategic content, Ancient is set in an ancient archaeological site.
  • Engage: With its slick, contemporary style, Engage offers a quick-paced gaming experience that emphasizes close-quarters fighting. 
  • Apollo: For those who prefer tactical gameplay, Apollo’s futuristic setting and complex map design will appeal to them. The game is set in a high-tech space station.

With their ability to accommodate different playstyles, these new CS2 maps make sure that the updated map pool has something to offer everyone.

The CSGO update brings with it a number of additional changes meant to enhance the overall gameplay experience, in addition to the major features already mentioned:

  • Weapon Balance Adjustments: Modifications are made to Counter-Strike 2 weapon stats to ensure that all players have a fair chance of success. These changes also aim to enhance the overall balance of the game.
  • Bug Fixes: By addressing various issues raised by the community, the stability and fluidity of the gameplay experience is improved. 
  • Quality-of-Life Enhancements: A number of little adjustments and modifications are made in response to player constructive feedback. The goal of these changes is to improve gameplay and increase everyone’s enjoyment.


The newest CSGO update will totally change the game. A left-handed view, grenade assistance, updated CS2 maps, and a ton of other awesome features have been added. No matter how experienced you are, this is the ideal time to jump in CS2 and utilize all of Counter-Strike 2’s new features. To further enhance your performance, make use of U7BUY’s CSGO rank boost services. Upgrade your game right now to enjoy a better, more engaging gaming experience than ever!

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