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Dwayne Carter III

Dwayne Carter III was born on October 22, 2008, to Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan, a radio broadcaster and former reality TV star. While Lil Wayne typically keeps his personal life private, occasional glimpses of Dwayne III emerge through social media, often during special family moments or events. Despite his tender age, there is already speculation about whether Dwayne III will follow in his father’s footsteps in the music industry. However, for now, he mostly stays out of the limelight, allowing him to grow up away from public scrutiny.

Who is Dwayne Carter III?

Who is Dwayne Carter III?

Dwayne Carter III is the son of the renowned American rapper, songwriter, and singer known as Lil Wayne.Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was born on September 27, 1982, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He began his career at the remarkable age of 11 when he was signed by Cash Money, the record label of rapper Birdman. His partnership with the label led to the release of numerous albums, including The Carter series, which are widely acclaimed as some of his finest works.

Lil Wayne’s sales have surpassed 200 million records, earning him an impressive array of awards, including 5 Grammys, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 8 NAACP Image Awards, and 11 BET Awards.

shares his father’s passion for music. Although he doesn’t appear much in public, he enjoys attending music concerts and occasionally poses for photos with notable artists such as Chris Brown.

Dwayne Carter III Wiki

Full NameDwayne Carter III
Date of BirthOctober 22, 2008
Age14 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
BirthplaceCincinnati, Ohio, USA
Current NationalityAmerican
Marital StatusSingle
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown
ParentsSarah Vivan and Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
SiblingsReginae Carter, Cameron Carter, Neal Carter, and Essence Vivian (half-siblings)
Native LanguageEnglish

Dwayne Carter III Early Life

Dwayne Carter III was raised surrounded by love from both his mother and father, even though they were not together as a couple. He was born on a pleasant October day, bringing immense joy to his family. Dwayne’s father is a renowned musician, while his mother delights people with her voice on the radio. Both of them cared deeply for Dwayne, teaching him to appreciate music, enjoy playful activities, and be kind to others. As he grew up, Dwayne learned the value of sharing, making friends, and being curious about the world. His infectious smile and laughter brighten everyone’s day.

Nationality And Religion

Dwayne Carter III is American, meaning he was born in the United States. Being American is like being part of a large team where people come from various places but live together in one country.

As for his religion, it’s a belief system, like stories that guide us on how to be kind to others. Dwayne’s family likely has their own stories and ways of showing kindness, just like yours. Every family holds different beliefs, and that’s what makes us all unique and special in our own way.

Dwayne Carter III – Age

Born on October 22, 2008, Dwayne Michael Carter III is currently 15 years old, soon to celebrate his birthday on October 22, 2024. Like his father, Lil Wayne, Dwayne shares the Libra zodiac sign, continuing the mysterious connection within the family. Despite his youth, he represents the next generation of the Carter legacy, poised to forge his own path in the world.

Dwayne Carter III Height & Weight

Height5 feet 1 inch (155 cm)
Weight38 kg
Activities– Sprinting around the playground
– Playing basketball with friends
– Engaging in various activities
HealthStrong and healthy
InterestsSports, staying active

Dwayne isn’t very tall, but at 5 feet 1 inch, he’s just the right height for his age. Weighing about 38kg, he’s perfect for someone who enjoys playing sports and staying active. Just picture it – he’s probably as tall as some of the kids in your class!
With his height and weight, Dwayne can sprint around the playground, shoot hoops with his friends, and have a blast doing all sorts of activities. He’s growing up strong and healthy, which is crucial for all the adventures he loves to embark on.

Dwayne Carter III – Mother (Sarah ViVan)

Dwayne Carter III’s mother is Sarah ViVan, known for her presence on social media and on radio. Sarah and Lil Wayne met at a dance club in Cincinnati, sparking a relationship that led to the birth of their child. However, their romantic involvement reportedly came to an end after the arrival of Dwayne Carter III, marking the complexities of their personal journey together.

Dwayne Carter III – Father (Lil Wayne) 

At the age of 12, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., professionally known as Lil Wayne, faced a significant moment of adversity when he survived a nearly fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound. Initially deemed accidental, he later revealed it was a result of his mother’s disapproval regarding his rap aspirations. Instead of deterring him, this tragic incident fueled Lil Wayne’s determination, propelling him to become one of the most influential figures in the rap industry.

How Dwayne Carter III Parents Meet?

Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan’s love story began at a party after one of Lil Wayne’s concerts in Cincinnati in 2006. Sarah, who was 19 at the time, was enamoured with the rapper. Their initial meeting sparked an instant connection, leading to a romantic relationship. Despite a five-year age difference, the couple clicked and embarked on a journey together. Their relationship lasted for about
two years before they welcomed their son, Dwayne Carter III, into the world.

Dwayne Carter III’s Parents still together

Despite their peaceful relationship, Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan dated for a couple of years before going their separate ways. The unexpected news of Sarah’s pregnancy deeply surprised the former couple, but they embraced it with joy and a commitment to co-parenting. Lil Wayne publicly acknowledged his impending fatherhood in 2008 at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, although he didn’t reveal the identity of the mother at that time. Despite their separation, Lil Wayne and Sarah maintained a friendly relationship, opting for joint custody to ensure their child’s well-being and allowing the rapper ample time to bond with his son.

Dwayne Carter III – Siblings

Dwayne Carter III, born to Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan, doesn’t have any full siblings since Lil Wayne and Sarah didn’t have any other children together. However, he shares a close bond with his three half-siblings. Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne’s oldest child, was born on November 29, 1998, to his high school sweetheart, Antonia Wright. Dwayne’s younger half-brother, Neal Carter, was born on September 9, 2009, with American actress Lauren Nicole London as his mother. Lastly, Lil Wayne’s youngest child, Cameron Carter, nicknamed “Meatball,” was born on November 30, 2009, to American R&B singer Nivea Hamilton.

Why the Lil Wayne’s Son Dwayne Carter III is So Famous

Dwayne Carter III’s fame primarily stems from being the son of one of the most renowned hip-hop musicians of all time, Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne’s dominance in the hip-hop scene for over 20 years has undoubtedly contributed to his son’s recognition and success.

Here are some specific reasons why Dwayne Carter III is famous:

  1. Parentage: As the son of Lil Wayne, Dwayne Carter III naturally garners attention. He has been in the public eye since childhood, with the media closely following his every move.
  2. Music Career: Dwayne Carter III is a talented rapper himself, having released several successful mixtapes and collaborated with big names like Drake and Nicki Minaj.
  3. Social Media Presence: With a substantial following on platforms like Instagram, connects with fans, promotes his music, and shares glimpses of his life, amassing over 10 million followers.
  4. Brand Partnerships: Dwayne Carter III has teamed up with major brands like Pepsi and Beats by Dre, elevating his fame as a brand ambassador.

In addition to his achievements, Dwayne Carter III’s charming and amiable personality plays a significant role. His positive outlook and sense of humour endear him to his followers, further enhancing his popularity.

In essence, Dwayne Carter III, the son of Lil Wayne, is well-known for his musical accomplishments, social media presence, brand partnerships, and charismatic persona.

Dwayne Carter III’s Rap Potential: Unveiling the Musical Legacy

Despite his young age, holds a deep passion for music and aspires to emulate his father’s success in the industry. His budding talent was showcased to the world when he featured in one of Lil Wayne’s tracks titled “FI4m3$” from the 2020 No Roofs mixtape. This early exposure indicates a promising future for the young artist, poised to continue the Carter musical legacy.

Lil Wayne’s Platinum Records: A Glittering Achievement

Lil Wayne’s name echoes not only within rap circles but also among those who may not typically follow the genre. With an impressive tally of 62 gold and platinum certifications from the RIAA, his impact on the music industry is undeniable. This prolific achievement underscores his status as one of the most influential and enduring rap artists of all time, securing his place in music history.

Dwayne Carter III Future Plains

Dwayne Carter III has big dreams for his future! Right now, he’s busy learning new things at school and having fun. Someday, he might follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a music star, or perhaps he’ll choose a completely different path.
Whatever he decides, he’s going to use his creativity and kindness to make it amazing. He wants to keep playing games, making art, and enjoying sports. Dwayne’s future is like an empty canvas, waiting for him to paint it with exciting stories and impressive achievements. He’s ready to explore and discover what he loves the most!

Do you know Dwayne Carter III Net Worth?

While Dwayne Carter III’s financial status remains undisclosed as he has yet to embark on his career path, he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle supported by the wealth of his parents, Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan. Lil Wayne, a prolific rapper, boasts a substantial net worth estimated at $120 million as of around 2019, derived from his successful music career. Meanwhile, Sarah Vivan, known as a radio personality, has accumulated a respectable fortune of at least $500 thousand through her professional endeavours.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Dwayne Carter III:

Q1. Who are Dwayne Carter III’s parents?

A1. Dwayne Carter III is the son of Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan. Lil Wayne is a renowned rapper, while Sarah Vivan is a radio broadcaster and former reality TV star.

Q2. How old is Dwayne Carter III?

A2. Dwayne Carter III was born on October 22, 2008, making him 14 years old as of 2023.

Q3. Does Dwayne Carter III have siblings?

A3. Dwayne Carter III doesn’t have any full siblings, but he shares a close bond with his three half-siblings: Reginae Carter, Neal Carter, and Cameron Carter.

Q4. What are Dwayne Carter III interests and activities?

A4. Dwayne Carter III enjoys sports, staying active, and engaging in various activities. He is often seen sprinting around the playground, playing basketball with friends, and enjoying different games.

Q5. What is Dwayne Carter III’s nationality and ethnicity?

A5. Dwayne Carter III is American and of biracial ethnicity.

Q6. Does Dwayne Carter III have any plans for his future career?

A6. While Dwayne Carter III hasn’t decided on a specific career path yet, he is passionate about music and aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps. He’s also open to exploring other adventures and interests.

Q7. What is Dwayne Carter III net worth?

A7. Dwayne Carter III net worth is currently undisclosed as he hasn’t begun his career. However, he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle supported by his parents’ wealth. Lil Wayne’s net worth is estimated at $120 million, while Sarah Vivan’s net worth is at least $500 thousand.


Dwayne Carter III, son of the renowned rapper Lil Wayne and radio broadcaster Sarah Vivan, has grown up amidst fame and wealth but has chosen to maintain a modest profile. Despite his celebrity upbringing, he remains grounded, focusing on his education, hobbies, and personal development.
With a deep love for music and a budding talent showcased through collaborations with his father, Dwayne Carter III is on the brink of shaping his own path in the music industry. However, he keeps his options open, eagerly exploring different avenues to discover his true passion.
As he matures, Dwayne Carter III’s future holds boundless opportunities. Whether he follows in his father’s footsteps as a music star or pursues a different career path, one thing is certain – he will leverage his creativity, kindness, and determination to leave a positive impact on the world.

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