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Elizabeth Huberdeau: All About John Cena’s Ex-Wife

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a dynamic real estate developer and businesswoman who first came into the public eye due to her marriage to WWE superstar John Cena. Known for her ambition and expertise in real estate, Elizabeth has successfully maintained her social status even after her high-profile separation from Cena. Although her association with the wrestler, actor, and rapper initially brought her into the limelight, Elizabeth has carved out her own identity and continues to thrive in her career. Explore the fascinating details of her life and accomplishments today.

Who Is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Who Is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a successful businesswoman and real estate developer who gained public attention through her marriage to WWE Superstar John Cena. A native of West Newbury, Massachusetts, Elizabeth was married to Cena, a professional wrestler who is also known for his work as an actor and rapper, for three years before their divorce. During their marriage, she was commonly known as Liz Cena. Despite their separation, Elizabeth has continued to thrive in her career and maintain her status in the real estate industry.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Biography

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on September 28, 1979. She is known for being a private individual, with limited information available about her early life and family background. Elizabeth attended Springfield College in Massachusetts, where she majored in business management. Interestingly, this is also where she met her future husband, John Cena, who graduated from the same institution with a degree in exercise physiology and body movement.

Elizabeth and John Cena first became acquainted during their time at Springfield College and had been together since their teenage years. Elizabeth’s reserved nature has kept most details of her personal life out of the public eye. The world learned about her when Cena proposed to her while promoting his movie 12 Rounds.

The couple married on July 11, 2009, in an intimate ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts. Despite their long-standing relationship, the marriage lasted for only three years before they divorced. Elizabeth’s focus has remained on her personal life and career, with her marriage to John Cena being one of the few aspects known to the public.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Profile Summary 

NameElizabeth Huberdeau
Date of BirthSeptember 28, 1979
Age44 years (as of 2023)
Birth SignLibra
Place of BirthWest Newbury, Massachusetts, United States
Marital StatusSingle
EducationSpringfield College
OccupationReal Estate, Business
Famous ForEx-wife of John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau Age

Elizabeth Huberdeau celebrated her 40th birthday on September 28, 2019.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Height & Weight

Elizabeth Huberdeau Height & Weight

Elizabeth Huberdeau stands at 5 feet, 5 inches tall, which is approximately 1.65 meters or 165 centimeters. She maintains a weight of around 55 kg (121 pounds). Elizabeth has striking dark brown eyes and golden hair. Her physical measurements are 38-32-40 inches, and she wears a bra size of 36C.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Early Life And Education

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born on September 28, 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, USA. While specific details about her parents and siblings are not currently available, it is known that she and John Cena reportedly shared a high school romance. The exact high school Elizabeth attended remains undisclosed, but Cena attended Central Catholic High School and Cushing Academy, both situated in Massachusetts, suggesting they may have crossed paths during their teenage years.

After completing her high school education, Elizabeth enrolled at Springfield College, also located in Massachusetts. This institution holds significance for both her and Cena, as it is where they both pursued higher education. While the exact focus of Elizabeth’s studies is not definitively confirmed, some sources suggest she majored in business management, while others indicate a focus on real estate management. Conversely, John Cena earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and body movement from the same college.

Their shared educational background likely played a role in their initial connection and eventual relationship. Despite the lack of detailed information about Elizabeth’s early life, her association with John Cena and their shared experiences at Springfield College have become notable aspects of her personal history.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Family (Nationality & Ethnicity)

Elizabeth Huberdeau comes from a supportive family, consisting of her parents and one brother. Gene R. Huberdeau is her father, while her mother is Elizabeth A. (Jones) Huberdeau. Both of her parents share the Huberdeau surname. Elizabeth’s brother, Adam Huberdeau, is slightly younger than her and is actively involved in serving their community.

Adam Huberdeau works for both the Groveland Fire Department and Feeney Brothers Utility Service. He is a married father, sharing the same parents as Elizabeth. Unfortunately, their family experienced a loss when Elizabeth’s father passed away in 2015 at the age of 76. He had a distinguished career as a law enforcement officer in Massachusetts before retiring.

Despite this loss, Elizabeth’s family continues to support each other, with her mother enjoying her retirement and Adam contributing to the community through his work. Their close-knit bond reflects their resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Husband

Elizabeth Huberdeau's Husband

Before marrying John Felix Anthony Cena, renowned for his professional wrestling prowess on SmackDown and Raw, Elizabeth Huberdeau led a relatively low-key life. It is believed that the two were high school sweethearts, although the details of how their relationship began and evolved remain undisclosed to the public.

On July 11, 2009, Elizabeth, often referred to as Liz, and Cena exchanged vows in their hometown. The announcement of their impending marriage came during the promotion of Cena’s movie, 12 Rounds, surprising many as Cena had previously kept his relationship with Huberdeau out of the spotlight.

Their union marked a significant moment in both their lives, with Cena’s public acknowledgment of their relationship drawing attention to Elizabeth, who had previously maintained a private existence. While their journey as high school lovers turned spouses captured the interest of fans, the intricacies of their relationship before marriage remained shrouded in mystery.

Does Elizabeth Huberdeau Have Kids? 

As is customary for many couples, the topic of children often arises, especially when the couple is in the public eye. Fans are often curious about whether celebrity couples have children, adding intrigue to their personal lives. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena did not have any children during their marriage.

John Cena’s apparent disinterest in starting a family was widely speculated upon. He expressed a desire for a family unit consisting of just himself and his partner, prioritizing a mature and independent dynamic. Elizabeth seemed to share Cena’s perspective, as the issue of children did not appear to be a point of contention for them.

Despite their lack of children, Cena’s affection for children was evident in his interactions with them, particularly in his involvement with sick and suffering individuals. This aspect of his character led some fans to ponder why he did not have children of his own, given his evident care and compassion.

Following their divorce, Elizabeth Huberdeau, previously leading a private life, became more widely known as John Cena’s ex-wife. While her marriage to Cena thrust her into the public eye, she has since maintained a lower profile, retaining some level of fame as the former partner of the WWE superstar.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Career, Jobs & Profession

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Career, Jobs & Profession

Following the end of her relationship with John Cena, Elizabeth has chosen to retreat from the public eye, leading to a scarcity of information regarding her current endeavors. Previously, Elizabeth was actively involved in the real estate industry, a field in which she established herself early in her career.

Having relocated to Florida at a young age, Elizabeth swiftly found employment within the real estate sector and remained dedicated to her professional pursuits for a significant duration. While it is speculated that she may still be engaged in real estate activities, specifics regarding her current occupation remain elusive. Rumors suggest that Elizabeth may have ventured into entrepreneurship, potentially founding her own real estate firm. However, details regarding the name or operations of her alleged company have not been disclosed to the public.

Throughout her career, Elizabeth has been involved in negotiating various commercial deals, encompassing activities such as property development, trading, remodeling, and facilitating transactions for the purchase and sale of properties.

Although she maintained a presence on social media platforms like Facebook in the past, Elizabeth refrained from making public appearances, whether on television or in interviews, during her marriage to John Cena. Since then, she has maintained a more private lifestyle, focusing on her professional endeavors away from the public spotlight.

John Cena And Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Divorce 

Following their wedding on July 11, 2009, Elizabeth and John Cena embarked on their new journey together. Despite their long-standing relationship since high school and enduring love, their marital bliss was short-lived. On May 1, 2012, Cena initiated divorce proceedings by filing a petition, culminating in their divorce judgment on July 18, 2012.

In June 2012, Elizabeth disclosed concerns about Cena’s behavior, alleging malicious conduct towards her. Reports surfaced suggesting that Cena may have engaged in extramarital affairs during their marriage, potentially impacting their prenuptial agreement. These revelations hinted at a possible challenge to the prenup if infidelity was proven.

In 2018, Elizabeth was photographed with her new partner, Eli Ayoub, signaling a new chapter in her personal life. These developments shed light on the complexities of Elizabeth and Cena’s relationship, showcasing the challenges they faced and the subsequent impact on their personal lives.

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s Net Worth, Income Source & Salary

While Elizabeth’s career as a rumored real estate agent has undoubtedly contributed to her financial stability, it was the dissolution of her marriage to John Cena that significantly boosted her wealth. Reports suggest that Cena paid Elizabeth a substantial sum, rumored to be around USD 52 million, as part of their divorce settlement.

Following this event, Elizabeth’s total assets saw a substantial increase, potentially elevating her net worth to an estimated $55 million. This significant financial windfall has likely afforded her a life of considerable luxury and financial security.

The divorce settlement underscores the financial implications of high-profile separations and highlights Elizabeth’s newfound financial independence following the end of her marriage to Cena.

Notable Achievements And Contributions

Notable Achievements And Contributions

Elizabeth Huberdeau’s notable contributions to the real estate industry have solidified her reputation as a prominent figure within the field. Her active involvement in various real estate projects, spanning from property development to renovation, showcases her unwavering dedication and expertise in the sector. Despite facing personal challenges, Elizabeth’s resilience and success in real estate underscore her entrepreneurial prowess and determination.

Throughout her professional journey, Elizabeth has navigated significant transitions, particularly following her high-profile marriage and subsequent divorce from WWE Superstar John Cena. Despite the public scrutiny surrounding her personal life, Elizabeth has demonstrated a remarkable ability to thrive in the competitive real estate landscape.

Her career trajectory serves as a testament to her adaptability and resilience, as she successfully transitioned into the real estate business amidst personal upheavals. Elizabeth’s achievements as a successful real estate agent and developer highlight her capacity to excel in a demanding industry, contributing to her financial stability and professional accomplishments.

In summary, Elizabeth Huberdeau’s professional journey underscores her resilience, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit. Despite facing personal challenges, she has emerged as a respected businesswoman within the real estate sector, showcasing her ability to thrive in the face of adversity.

Elizabeth Huberdeau Wikipedia & Twitter


Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Huberdeau

  1. Long-term Relationship: Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena were high school sweethearts before tying the knot, showcasing a relationship that spanned many years.
  2. Low Profile: Despite being married to a celebrity, Elizabeth has maintained a relatively private life, with minimal public appearances and media engagement.
  3. Real Estate Career: Elizabeth has found success in the real estate industry, specializing in property development, remodeling, and trading.
  4. Significant Settlement: Elizabeth reportedly received a substantial financial settlement from her divorce from John Cena, potentially boosting her net worth significantly.
  5. Educational Background: Elizabeth attended Springfield College in Massachusetts, where she studied business management, mirroring her ex-husband John Cena’s educational background.
  6. Family Connections: Elizabeth’s family includes her brother Adam Huberdeau, who works for the Groveland Fire Department and Feeney Brothers Utility Service. Her father, Gene R. Huberdeau, was a Massachusetts law enforcement officer before his passing in 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s profession?

A: Elizabeth Huberdeau works as a real estate developer and businesswoman.

Q: How long were Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena married?

A: They were married for a duration of three years, from July 2009 to July 2012.

Q: Did Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena have any children?

A: No, Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena did not have any children together.

Q: What is Elizabeth Huberdeau’s net worth?

A: Elizabeth Huberdeau’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $55 million, largely attributed to the financial settlement she received from her divorce from John Cena.

Q: Did Elizabeth Huberdeau remarry after her divorce from John Cena?

A: While there have been reports of Elizabeth Huberdeau being seen with a new partner named Eli Ayoub in 2018, there is no confirmed information regarding remarriage.

Q: Where did Elizabeth Huberdeau grow up?

A: Elizabeth Huberdeau grew up in West Newbury, Massachusetts.


Elizabeth Huberdeau’s transition from being the spouse of a WWE superstar to establishing herself as a notable figure in the real estate sector showcases her resilience and entrepreneurial drive. Despite her inclination towards privacy, she has remained a subject of public interest, primarily attributed to her previous marriage to John Cena and her flourishing career. Her journey serves as an inspiring narrative of both personal and professional transformation, illustrating that substantial success can be attained autonomously, irrespective of a well-known partnership.

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