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Eric Mays Net Worth, Early life, Education, Age, Height, Wife, Career, Awards And More

eric mays net worth
eric mays net worth


We frequently find ourselves wondering how wealthy and successful famous people are. “What is Eric Mays’ net worth and how did he accumulate his fortune?” may have been on your mind. Eric Mays has established a remarkable career for himself as a prosperous businessman and entrepreneur. His path hasn’t been without difficulties, either. We’ll explore Eric’s history, his early hardships, and the astute business decisions and investments that have added to his sizeable net worth in this piece.

Eric Mays Net Worth

His estimated total assets, which total around $100 million, reflect Eric Mays’ success in various ventures and investments.

From real estate, technology, the media, and other sources, Mays has made a lot of money.

His ability to invest in promising startups and other lucrative opportunities is to blame for his business success.

Mays has left an imprint on the land by possessing properties all around the country in different metropolitan regions.

Throughout his involvement in the technology sector, he has invested in real estate and numerous tech-related startup companies.

He has been able to deliver significant compensation from his tech theories because these efforts have paid off.

Mays’ overall wealth demonstrates his business acumen and ability to make a lot of money from a variety of sources.

Through essential interests in land, innovation, and different enterprises, he has constructed significant total assets and keeps on thriving as a financial backer and money manager.

Who Is Eric Mays?

American politician Eric Mays has been a Flint City councilman for a number of years.

Mays received his undergraduate degree in business from Michigan University, where he was born into a middle-class family. He is essential for another age of business pioneers inside the local area.

Mays has been a functioning individual from the business local area for a long time and has stood firm on the footings of chamber president and VP. He has participated fully in numerous council meetings.

Mays has put in a lot of effort to improve the lives of his constituents. He has been a vocal supporter of Flint City residents. He is still well-liked in Flint, despite having financial and legal issues.

He continues to pursue a political career and has successfully raised a significant amount of money through crowdfunding for his defense. Mays has earned the respect of numerous local political figures for his self-assurance and knowledge.

In general, Eric Mays is a committed public servant who has benefited his community. Mays remains committed to serving the Flint City community and enhancing their quality of life, despite the difficulties he has encountered along the way.

Eric Mays Early Life

On September 16, 1985, Eric Mays was born in Flint, Michigan. Before it became well-known for its social issues, economic downturn, and water crises, Flint was a prosperous industrial center. James and Mary Mays, who both worked as factory workers at General Motors, the biggest employer in the city, were the parents of Eric.

Eric had many difficulties growing up, such as racism, violence, poverty, and discrimination. He saw directly the manufacturing closing, the jobs disappearing, the crime rate rising, and the infrastructure collapsing in his city.

Eric Mays Wiki

Real NameEric Mays
Date of BirthSeptember 16, 1985
Place of BirthFlint, Michigan
WifeMegan Ritchie
Age66 Years
Height6 Feet, 3 Inch
Weight73 Kg
Zodiac SignVirgo

Eric Mays Education

Flint, Michigan, is where Eric Mays was born on September 16, 1985. Flint was a prosperous industrial center before it became well-known for its social issues, economic downturn, and water crises.

After moving to Flint, Michigan, in the late 1980s, Eric carried on with his creative career and started his own clothing brand, Mayswear. In 1993, he graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint after pursuing more studies in political science. A Master’s in Business Administration was then awarded to him by the University of Southern California in 1997.

Eric Mays Age, Height, and Weight

The 66-year-old Flint city councilman Eric Mays is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 73 kg in a healthy weight range. He maintains his physical fitness and slimness with a vegetarian diet and regular exercise. As an older and taller American guy than the average, his lifestyle choices demonstrate his dedication to health.

Eric Mays Wife and Children

Eric Mays, a contentious and outspoken municipal councilman from Flint, is married to Megan Ritchie. She is an entrepreneur who successfully manages an online business offering apparel, accessories, and home d├ęcor.

Megan is a supportive partner to Mays, who often faces criticism and challenges in his political career. Together, they have three children: Eric Jr., Maya, and Miles.

Eric Mays Political Career

When Eric Mays ran for the Flint city council in 2013, he made his political debut. He won by a meager eight votes and became the councilman for the first ward, which includes the north side of the city.

During the water crisis that began in 2014 when the city switched its water source from Detroit to the Flint River, resulting in lead contamination and numerous health issues, Mays became an outspoken advocate for the residents of Flint.

In 2015, Mays ran for chairman of Stone however lost to Karen Weaver, who left a mark on the world as the city’s most memorable female chairman. Mays continued to be a councilman despite the setback and was re-elected in 2017 for a second four-year term. During this time, he likewise assumed the jobs of city gathering VP and finance advisory group seat.

Awards & Achievements

Eric Mays has received numerous honors for his contributions to philanthropy and the Mays Group.

In 2013, he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which honors the world’s most innovative and visionary businesspeople. The next year, he was named one of Dark Undertaking Magazine’s Main 100 Business people, commending the best and compelling African American entrepreneurs in the country. Eric was awarded the Best of Michigan Business Award in 2015 by the Michigan Business and Professional Association, which recognizes outstanding leadership and performance among Michigan businesses.

Eric Mays House

Eric Mays’ manor is settled in a gated and confined local area, wrapped by rich trees and plant life. The stupendous home flaunts a grand exterior, including a mix of block and stone, a roomy yard, and a roundabout carport. 

Traversing three stories in addition to a storm cellar, the house covers a far reaching region surpassing 10,000 square feet. It incorporates rich conveniences, for example, a three-vehicle carport, a shining pool, a tennis court, and a b-ball court. The property’s opulence and exclusive setting are reflected in its over $10 million valuation.

Why Eric Mays is famous?

Eric Mays has established a name for himself as a result of his smart investments and profitable business ventures. He co-founded a hedge fund that made a lot of money and has a keen eye for finding investment opportunities and profitable startups, especially in technology and real estate.

As a politician on the Flint City Council, Mays became well-known for being an ardent supporter of his community. While he earned acclaim for his devotion, his frank attitude every so often blended discussion.

Mays came to prominence as a vocal critic during the Flint water crisis. He raised concerns about the quality of the water as early as 2016, frequently speaking out on his own before the issue received widespread attention. His unflinching support charmed him to numerous inhabitants, who saw him as a savage hero battling for their freedoms.

Eric Mays Controversy

In July 2023, Eric Mays faced allegations of inappropriate behavior during council meetings, leading to his suspension from participating in meetings after losing his position as council president. Just weeks later, police intervened and removed him in handcuffs for disorderly conduct during another meeting.

Following these events, Mays took legal action against his suspension. The legal proceedings resulted in a six-month probation period and a $125 fine, a relatively lenient outcome given the potential for a longer prison sentence.

This was not Mays’ first legal entanglements. He received prison time in 2013 for both marijuana possession and drunk driving. He also has a history of violent behavior, including an instance in 1987 when he threatened a woman with a gun and was placed on probation for it.

Eric Mays Death

At the age of 65, Eric Mays, a well-known player in Flint city politics for more than 40 years, passed away on Saturday. Starting in 2013, he was the First Ward’s city council representative for three terms in a row.

Mays was highly known for his fearless representation of his people’ interests and his unwavering attempts to improve Flint’s quality of life. Even though he frequently disagreed with other authorities, his colleagues valued his intense enthusiasm and steadfast dedication to the city.

People from all over the world came forward to offer their condolences as word of his passing spread. Senator Dan Kildee featured the meaning of Mays’ constant devotion to the local area by considering him a “eager boss for individuals of Rock.”


Eric Mays, brought into the world on September 16, 1985, in Rock, Michigan, rose to unmistakable quality as an effective financial specialist, lawmaker, and local area advocate. Mays excelled academically and went on to earn degrees in business and political science despite experiencing early difficulties, including economic downturns in Flint. His vocation traverses fruitful endeavors in land, innovation speculations, and business.

As a Stone City councilman, Mays supported issues influencing his local area, remarkably during the Rock water emergency. Although his career was not without controversy, including legal issues and suspensions from council meetings, he received recognition for his leadership and advocacy. Mays died at 65 years old, abandoning a tradition of energetic public help.

Eric Mays Facts

  • Sum Amount: Approximately $100 million, mostly from investments in real estate, technology startups, and entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Profession Features: co-founded a successful hedge fund, was named one of Dark Enterprise Magazine’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs, and won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.
  • At Home: He was wed to Megan Ritchie, with whom he shared three children.
  • Education: graduated with an MBA from the University of Southern California and a business degree from the University of Michigan-Flint.
  • Political Activity: He was elected to the Flint City Council in 2013, re-elected in 2017, and served in a number of capacities despite facing legal problems.


1. What is Eric Mays’ net worth?

Through investments in real estate, technology, and other business endeavors, Eric Mays has amassed a net worth of approximately $100 million.

2. What were Eric Mays’ significant career achievements?

In addition to winning prominent business honors and co-founding a profitable hedge fund, he was a strong voice in support of Flint people during the water crisis.

3. What were Eric Mays’ contributions to Flint City Council?

Mays represented the First Ward, advocated for constituents during crises like the Flint water crisis, and served in leadership roles despite legal controversies.

4. How did Eric Mays pass away?

Eric Mays passed away at the age of 65, remembered for his dedicated service to Flint and his impact on local politics.

5. What controversies did Eric Mays face during his career?

Mays faced legal issues, including suspensions from council meetings and previous criminal convictions, impacting his political career.

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