July 14, 2024

Google Reviews Listings Updated – Everything You Must Know

Google Reviews
Google Reviews

For businesses looking for online visibility, Google Business Profile is an excellent tool that allows companies to create accounts and manage information, including reviews. In most cases, enterprises get organic reviews, or they can buy Google reviews, which are integral to their business.

Reviews highlight what customers think of the business by giving a star rating or feedback. This assists in improving business visibility in search results and Google Maps.

However, there is a constant update from Google’s end regarding policies that you must be aware of. The most recent changes and strategies for boosting your Google reviews will be covered in this post.

Top Four Local Google Reviews Updates 

Are you looking to take your local business to heights then these four local Google reviews update and be a game-changer for your business. 

Let us get started!

  1. Highlighting Local Reviewers

Google, for some listings, now shows the number of reviews written by a specific reviewer in a local area. For example, if you are looking for a restaurant, Google will highlight reviews written by a reviewer who had left multiple reviews in that city.

Such reviews hold more value and authority to searchers when they think they are coming from someone local in the area. Hence, they will be more trusted.

  1.  Categorizing The Google Reviews

Google is also categorizing and highlighting people who leave reviews frequently for a specific business category. For instance, Google can highlight if someone has left reviews, particularly for cafes.

Searchers now have an easier time locating insightful and beneficial evaluations from reviewers who have experience in the same field as them, thanks to Google. This may make it simpler to verify and oversee assessments on a large scale.

  1.  Importance Of Review Count

A case study found that ten reviews on local listings help boost ranking. Having a large number of reviews does not, however, help your position in Google Maps or Google Local Pack when you have more than ten reviews.

This means that if the business has an already established review base, acquiring new reviews will have less impact. Whereas, there will be more impact on the initial couple of reviews on a new listing. Hence, those first reviews matter the most.

  1. Keyword Optimization In Local Reviews

Another study found that when it comes to reviewing judgments, Google is operating on instinct. People often think brands rank better with keywords or specific terms mentioned in reviews.

However, it is not necessary. Instead, the focus should be on reviews that are written naturally and are helpful and valuable to the readers. This is because reviews with keywords don’t necessarily help with SERP performance.

How To Get More Local Google Reviews? 

Collecting Google reviews from customers who have availed your products and services is a best way to get Google reviews. Here are some of the amazing tips to bring more reviews to your business.

  1.  Google Review Link Shortcut

If you want to save your customers the trouble of going online and writing a review, create a shortcut link for them and add it to your website. 

You can create the Get your first review card by going to your Google My Business account. Once created, copy the link and share it through different social media channels.

  1. Create A Google Review Page On The Website

You can also dedicate a section in your website especially for writing Google reviews. The section should contain a CTA to write reviews and also contain previously written reviews.

It will motivate the customers to become your customers after reading reviews and inspire them to leave one. You can also share the screenshots of these reviews while promoting your brand.

  1. Create Leave A Review Card

This is an offline way of getting more Google reviews. You can create a physical leave us a review card and hand it over to customers who visit your store.

You can ask them about their store visit experience by writing a review on the link mentioned on the card. Remember to say it in a way that it looks like feedback collection and not simply a review generation method.

  1. Take Help of Social Media

Social media platforms are not only for conversations; they can be great places to ask for reviews. You can share the screenshot of your best reviews and ask your followers to leave more comments or reviews on it.

You can tell your followers that it is the best opportunity to refer more people and let them experience the benefits they have while being associated with your brand.

  1. Buying Google Reviews

If you are unable to get organic reviews, you can buy them from companies such as BuyReviewz. They are a Google review purchasing platform offering 100% genuine and guaranteed reviews.

You can also choose how and when you want the online reviews from them. Moreover, customer satisfaction with these reviews will help in boosting local SEO rankings and trust in your brand.


Getting Google Reviews to your business is not that tough, all you need to do is to understand how to strategically plan things. Use the above-mentioned ways to get more Google reviews.

There is no doubt that Google Reviews play a huge role in taking your business to heights. Thus you can always consider buying Google Reviews from a reputable source like BuyReviewz.com.

They bring organic and real reviews that are especially curated for your business. Buy Google Reviews and Start Growing!

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