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Jodean Bottom: Biography, Career, Siblings, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Jodean Bottom

If you’ve followed Hollywood movies, you’re probably familiar with River and Joaquin Phoenix. They’ve made quite a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, starring in various productions. Joaquin gained fame for his exceptional performances in blockbuster films like “The Last Crusade” and “Joker.” But, have you heard about his older half-sister, Jodean Bottom? Despite having famous siblings, Jodean prefers to keep a low profile. Her story gained attention when her late brother River discovered they had a half-sister and made efforts to reconnect with her. Learning about Jodean’s life takes us on a journey through her experiences.

Jodean Bottom’s Profile Summary 

NameJodean Bottom
Age59 years
Date of Birth29th February 1964
BirthplaceAmadora, Portugal
FatherJohn Lee Bottom
SiblingsJoaquin Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, River Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, and Liberty Phoenix

Who Is Jodean Bottom? 

Jodean Bottom is the half-sibling of Joaquin and River Phoenix, born on February 29, 1964, in Andora, Portugal, making her 58 years old in 2022. Her mother is Trinity, who gave birth to her while they were in Amadora, Portugal. Sadly, Jodean’s father, John Lee, left Canada before her birth, fearing being drafted into the Vietnam War. Consequently, she never had the chance to know him. Jodean lived a quiet life until her brother discovered her existence, bringing her into the public eye. Arlyn Phoenix, a well-known American social media activist, is Jodean’s stepmother and the mother of her famous actor siblings.

Jodean Bottom Biography

Jodean Bottom was born on February 29, 1964, in Amadora, Portugal, into a Christian family. Her parents, John Lee Bottom and Trinity, were missionaries serving in Portugal. Despite her birthplace, the family eventually moved to the United States. However, Jodean lost contact with her father after he left for Canada to evade the military draft during the Vietnam War.

Raised by her mother, Trinity, in her father’s absence, Jodean’s life took a significant turn when her half-brother, River Phoenix, discovered her existence. River embraced the role of a supportive brother, bringing Jodean into the public eye and providing her with support in her life.

Jodean Bottom Body Measurement

Jodean Bottom stands at around 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a slim physique weighing approximately 60 kg. Imagine her striking dark brown eyes and luscious black hair, which is her signature style.

Let’s delve into her measurements—she boasts a perfect 36-28-36 ratio for her bust, waist, and hips. With an oval face shape and a comfortable size 8 (US) shoe, she exudes her own unique vibe.

Now, let’s talk about her hair—she adores that chic medium length, styled with breezy beach waves. Skincare is a top priority for her, and she swears by natural products to maintain that radiant glow. And guess what? Jodean keeps an active lifestyle, often going for long runs or bike rides to stay fit and fabulous.

Jodean Bottom Father

Jodean Bottom Father

Jodean Bottom’s father, John Lee Bottom, had a humble beginning, born on April 5, 1947, in Fontana, California. Due to financial constraints, he worked as a gardener and carpenter instead of pursuing higher education. In 1973, he became involved with the Children of God cult and eventually rose to the position of Archbishop.

Here’s where it gets a bit complicated—John had a relationship with Trinity, resulting in the birth of Jodean in 1964. Unfortunately, not much is known about Trinity thereafter.

In 1969, John married Arlyn Phoenix, and they embarked on missionary work for the Children of God cult, traveling across Mexico, South America, and the United States. When the Vietnam War draft loomed, John decided to avoid it by relocating to Canada, leaving Jodean and her mother behind.

River Phoenix was born in 1970, followed by Rain Phoenix two years later, Joaquin Phoenix in 1974, Liberty Phoenix two years after that, and finally Summer Phoenix, their youngest daughter.

Life within the cult had its dark moments, particularly for River. Eventually, in 1977, the family left the cult, escaping on a freighter and settling in Englewood, Florida, where they stayed with Arlyn’s parents.

After departing from the cult, they changed their surname from Bottom to Phoenix for a fresh start, explaining why Jodean has a different last name from her step-siblings.

The family experienced further challenges and changes—John and Arlyn parted ways in 1997 after 27 years of marriage. Arlyn remarried Jeffrey Weisberg in 2001. Sadly, John Lee Bottom passed away from cancer in 2005 at the age of 68. Life truly is a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Jodean Bottom’s Siblings 

Jodean Bottom is the half-sibling of the Phoenix acting dynasty, which includes Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, and the late River Phoenix. They all share the same father, John Lee Bottom.

Now, let’s take a closer look at each sibling’s profile:

River Phoenix

River Phoenix

River is the eldest son of John, born on August 23, 1970, making him 52 years old as of 2022. He began his acting career at the age of ten and gained recognition with his breakout role in the movie “Support Me.” River showcased his talent in notable productions like “Indiana Jones” and “Running Empty.”

Aside from acting, River was also a well-known musician and formed a band called Aleka Attic. Tragically, River passed away on October 31, 1993, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable performances in both film and music.

Rain Phoenix 

Rain Phoenix 

Jodean’s half-sister, Rain Phoenix, was born on November 21, 1972, in Texas. She’s not only an actress but also a musician. Rain’s musical journey began early, and by the age of 15, she had already co-founded the band Aleka’s Attic with her older brother, River.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

As the most prominent figure in the Phoenix family, Joaquin was born on October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He’s a versatile talent, excelling as an actor, singer, and animal activist. Joaquin earned critical acclaim, winning the Best Actor award at the Venice International Film Festival for his role in “The Master.” His portrayal in the psychological thriller “Joker” also garnered widespread recognition.

Liberty Phoenix

Liberty Phoenix

Born on July 5, 1976, Liberty is the fourth child in the Phoenix clan. Like her siblings, she’s an actress, starting her career in the 1980s. Apart from acting, Liberty is involved in music and currently manages the River Phoenix Centre for Peacebuilding, a charity organization established by her mother.

Summer Phoenix 

Summer Phoenix 

The youngest in the family, Summer, was born on December 10, 1978. Following in her siblings’ footsteps, she has made a name for herself in the movie industry with notable performances in various productions.

Jodean Bottom Career

Jodean Bottom has ventured into various fields, from acting to diverse media projects. You’ll often spot her at social gatherings and on the red carpet, where she not only enjoys public events but also takes on roles as a producer, host, and narrator for various TV shows and documentaries.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Jodean is actively engaged as an ambassador for both the Red Cross and the World Wildlife Fund. Alongside her professional pursuits, she’s a savvy social media user with a significant following across different platforms.

But Jodean’s mission extends far beyond the spotlight. She leverages her influence for philanthropic endeavors, striving to make a positive impact on others. Her passion lies in environmental issues, wildlife conservation, and animal rights, and she frequently shares her insights at universities, conferences, and events dedicated to these crucial causes.

Jodean Bottom Relationship

Jodean Bottom has been quite secretive about her romantic life, keeping any details about a current boyfriend or husband under wraps. She hasn’t made any official statements about her relationship status yet.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to learn about her love life ever since she first gained public attention. It’s unclear whether Jodean is happily committed but chooses to keep it private, or if she’s single and fully focused on her career.

Despite being a media figure, Jodean maintains a low profile on social media, effectively concealing details about her personal life, especially her romantic relationships.

Jodean Bottom’s Net Worth 

Jodean Bottom's Net Worth 

Jodean Bottom chooses to maintain a level of privacy regarding her professional endeavors and has not disclosed information about her career or net worth. However, in contrast, her half-brother, Joaquin, is reported to have an estimated net worth of $60 million as of 2023. While Joaquin’s success and financial standing are well-known, Jodean’s professional achievements and financial status remain undisclosed, indicating her preference for keeping such details out of the public eye.


Q. Why does Jodean Bottom keep her professional life private? 

Jodean Bottom values her privacy when it comes to her professional endeavors, which is why she chooses not to disclose details about her career or net worth.

Q. Is there any public information about Jodean Bottom’s net worth? 

Currently, there is no available public information regarding Jodean Bottom’s net worth.

Q. What is the estimated net worth of Joaquin Phoenix?

Joaquin Phoenix, who is Jodean’s half-brother, is reportedly worth around $60 million as of 2023.


In the realm of fame and fortune, maintaining privacy can be a precious commodity. Jodean Bottom, the celebrity half-sibling of well-known actors, has deliberately chosen to keep her professional life away from public scrutiny, leaving fans wondering about her career trajectory and financial status. While her half-brother, Joaquin Phoenix, basks in the limelight with significant success and wealth, Jodean’s preference for privacy underscores her desire to carve her own path and avoid the pressures of celebrity status. As speculation continues among fans, it remains uncertain whether Jodean will eventually open up about her professional life or continue to shield it from public view in the foreseeable future.

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