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Mystikal Net Worth: Bio, Family, Career, Legal Issues & More

Mystikal net worth

$2 Million

Mystikal, the American rapper, has a net worth of $2 million. He initially served as a combat engineer in the US Army before launching his music career in the 1990s with the release of his debut album, “Mind of Mystikal.” With six albums under his belt, all achieving critical and commercial success, Mystikal has earned gold or platinum certifications from the RIAA. He has also ventured into television and acting. Despite his musical achievements, Mystikal’s career has been marred by legal troubles, including a prison sentence for sexual battery.

What is Mystikal’s net worth?

Mystikal, an American rapper and actor, boasts a net worth of $2 million. He has released several albums, including “Mind of Mystikal,” “Unpredictable,” and “Ghetto Fabulous.” The latter two albums achieved platinum status and peaked in the top five of the Billboard 200 chart. However, Mystikal’s most commercially successful album is “Let’s Get Ready,” which reached number one on the Billboard charts. This album spawned hit singles like “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger (Been So Long).” Despite his musical achievements, Mystikal’s career has been overshadowed by legal issues. He served time in prison from 2004 to 2010 due to charges of sexual battery and extortion.

Mystikal’s Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth
2020$1 Million
2021$1.2 Million
2022$1.3 Million
2023$1.5 Million
2024$2 Million

Who is Mystikal?

Who is Mystikal?

Mystikal, hailing from New Orleans, is widely recognized as a multifaceted artist encompassing roles as a rapper, actor, and film score composer. Born on September 22, 1970, in the heart of Louisiana, he has etched his name in the annals of music history. Growing up amidst the vibrant music and culture of his hometown, Mystikal found inspiration in the jazz rhythms permeating the streets of The Big Easy. With dreams of stardom fueling his ambitions, Mystikal embarked on a journey that would see him rise to prominence in the hip-hop scene.

Now, at the age of 52 in 2023, Mystikal stands as a stalwart figure in the world of hip-hop, boasting Grammy-nominated albums that adorn his illustrious career. His distinct Southern drawl coupled with an infectious energy has captivated audiences worldwide, filling concert venues across continents. Moreover, his foray into acting has showcased his versatility as an artist, securing him top-tier roles that highlight his innate talent.

Despite the passage of time, Mystikal remains committed to pushing the boundaries of rap music, constantly innovating while staying true to his New Orleans roots. His unwavering dedication to his craft is evident in his continual release of new singles and remixes, each serving as a testament to his enduring legacy in the industry. Mystikal’s enduring presence in the rap scene serves as a reminder that, even after decades, he remains firmly entrenched in his rightful place among the music elite.

Mystikal Biography

Born on September 22, 1970, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Mystikal emerged as a prominent figure in the music industry. His influence extends beyond his musical endeavors, as evidenced by his significant presence on social media platforms like Instagram, where his account, named “Mind of Mystikal 2,” boasts over 23,000 followers.

In 2014, Mystikal collaborated with renowned artist Mark Ronson for the song “Feel Right,” featured on Ronson’s album “Uptown Special.” This collaboration marked a milestone in Mystikal’s career, showcasing his versatility and talent in the realm of music production.

The following year, in 2015, Mystikal joined forces with fellow artist Tech N9ne for the release of Stevie Stone’s single “Rain Dance.” Their collaboration on this track further solidified Mystikal’s reputation as a respected artist within the music industry, garnering attention and acclaim from fans and critics alike.

Mystikal Wiki

Full NameMystikal Mystikal
BirthdaySeptember 22, 1970
Height180 cm or 5′10″
WeightNo Data
Zodiac SignVirgo
Category/ProfessionActor, Film Score Composer, Musician, Rapper
Net Worth$2 Million

Mystikal Nationality and Ethnicity

Mystikal, a multifaceted artist from America, encompasses roles as a rapper, actor, and film score composer. His identity as an African-American has significantly shaped his musical journey, contributing to his profound impact on the industry.

Throughout his career, Mystikal has delved into themes of social justice, poverty, racial tension, and African-American culture, utilizing both singing and rapping as mediums of expression. Notably, he has ventured beyond traditional boundaries by composing music for the film “Baby Boy,” showcasing his diverse talents and versatility.

Mystikal’s music resonates deeply with audiences worldwide due to his unique fusion of rap and R&B influences. This distinctive blend, coupled with his skillful lyricism and ability to tackle relatable subject matter, has propelled him to the forefront of the hip-hop scene.

Ultimately, Mystikal’s success can be attributed to his unwavering dedication to authenticity and cultural relevance, making his music a universal phenomenon cherished by fans across the globe.

Early Life

Early Life

Michael Lawrence Tyler, born on September 22, 1970, in New Orleans, Louisiana, was raised by his mother, Marie Tyler, after his father passed away when he was just seven years old. Alongside his two siblings, Michelle and Maurice, Mystikal navigated the challenges of adolescence under the guidance of his mother.

Attending Cohen High School, Mystikal’s aspirations of becoming a rapper took root at a young age. He honed his skills and showcased his talent by performing for renowned artists like Run-DMC and Doug E. Fresh, laying the groundwork for his future success in the music industry.

Mystikal’s breakthrough came at an outdoor event held at the Treme Center, where his electrifying performance caught the attention of Leroy “Precise” Edwards, a producer at Big Boy Records. Recognizing Mystikal’s raw talent, Edwards extended a music contract, marking the beginning of Mystikal’s journey to stardom.


SchoolCohen High School
UniversityYet To Update
QualificationYet To Update

Mystikal Family

FatherYet To Update
MotherYet To Update
SisterMichelle Tyler (died in 1994)
GirlfriendsKarrine Steffans

Michelle Tyler

In September 1994, tragedy struck in the life of the renowned rapper Mystikal when his sister, Michelle Tyler, fell victim to a heartbreaking crime, murdered by her boyfriend. This devastating event left an indelible mark on Mystikal’s artistic journey, profoundly influencing the themes and emotions conveyed in his music thereafter. Several of his compositions stand as poignant tributes to Michelle and reflections on her untimely demise, including tracks such as “Dedicated to Michelle Tyler,” “Murder,” “Murder 2,” “Murder III,” and “Shine.” Through his music, Mystikal not only pays homage to his beloved sister but also sheds light on the grim realities of domestic violence and the enduring pain caused by such tragic losses.

Personal Life

Throughout his life, Mystikal has been romantically linked with several notable women, including American singers Nivea from 2000 to 2001 and Monica. Additionally, he was involved with Karrine Steffans in 2001.

Tragically, in 1994, Mystikal faced a devastating loss when he discovered his sister Michelle deceased inside her home. She had been brutally stabbed and strangled. The perpetrator was identified as Damion Neville, her boyfriend and the grandson of one of the renowned Neville Brothers. Neville was subsequently taken into custody and charged with this heinous offense.

Mystikal’s personal life has been marked by both love and profound sorrow, the latter stemming from the tragic loss of his beloved sister. Through his music and personal journey, Mystikal continues to navigate the complexities of life’s joys and sorrows.

Career Beginnings

Mystikal, born Michael Lawrence Tyler in 1970 in New Orleans, Louisiana, embarked on his journey into the music scene after attending Cohen High School. Following his schooling, he served in the US Army as a combat engineer.

During his formative years, Tyler’s passion for rap led him to perform at various venues. Notably, he had the opportunity to showcase his talent at an outdoor concert at the Treme Center, where he opened for esteemed acts like Run-D.M.C. and Doug E. Fresh. It was at this event that Tyler caught the attention of Leroy Edwards, a prominent producer at Big Boy Records, who offered him a contract.

Building on this success, a reissue of the album titled “Mind of Mystikal” hit the shelves in 1995.

The updated version showcased tracks like “Here I Go” and “Beware,” notable for their bold disses directed at rival rappers.

Tyler’s early career displayed his rap skills, laying the groundwork for his future ventures in the dynamic hip-hop scene.

Mystikal Career

Mystikal Career

Born Michael Lawrence Tyler in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mystikal began his career with his debut album “Mystikal” under Big Boy Records in 1994.

This album garnered significant success for both Mystikal and the label.

However, in 1995, Mystikal found himself embroiled in a feud with fellow New Orleans rappers associated with Cash Money Records, such as U.N.L.V. and The B.G.’z. This conflict resulted in diss tracks like “Drag Them in Tha River” and “Screw Big Boy,” aimed at him by these rival artists. Mystikal retaliated with tracks like “Be Careful” and “Here I Go,” which were included on his subsequent album, “Mind of Mystikal.”

Mystikal’s sister, Michelle Tyler, who sang on “Not That Nigga,” profoundly influenced his music after her tragic 1994 passing.

Mystikal honored her memory in songs like “Dedicated to Michelle Tyler,” “Murder,” “Shine,” and “Murder III.”

More About Career

Mystikal’s career shifted as he signed with Jive Records in 1995 and Master P’s No Limit Records in 1996.

He released “Unpredictable” in November 1997, followed by “Ghetto Fabulous” in late 1998.

His departure from No Limit Records in 2000 marked a new chapter in his career. He released “Let’s Get Ready” in 2000, featuring the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs number-one single “Danger (Been So Long),” showcasing his collaboration with rising star Nivea.

In 2001, Mystikal dropped his album “Tarantula,” highlighted by the hit single “Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against The Wall).” This track showcased Mystikal’s distinctive flow style, drawing comparisons to legends like Little Richard and James Brown.

Mystikal’s career suffered a setback with a 2003 conviction for sexual battery and extortion, leading to a six-year prison term.

He was released in 2010 and returned to the music scene with performances and collaborations.

In 2011, Mystikal signed with Cash Money Records and released the single “Original” featuring labelmates Birdman and Lil Wayne.

He featured on tracks like Mark Ronson’s “Feel Right” in 2015 and Stevie Stone’s “Rain Dance” with Tech N9ne.

Mystikal’s resilience and talent have solidified his legacy in hip-hop, enduring challenges while leaving an enduring mark.

Further Music Career

Further Music Career

In 2010, Mystikal took center stage as the headlining act at the prestigious Mahalia Jackson Theater of the Performing Arts during Mardi Gras celebrations. Following this noteworthy performance, he ventured into the underground scene with the release of a track titled “I Don’t Like You.” Additionally, Mystikal collaborated with R&B artist Lloyd on the song “Set Me Free.”

Continuing his musical journey, Mystikal collaborated on notable tracks like “Papercuts” with Fiend and Lil Wayne, displaying versatility.

His debut single for Cash Money Records, “Original,” marked a significant milestone in his career trajectory.

Mystikal’s musical range includes featuring on Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Special,” showcasing adaptability and versatility across genres and collaborations.

In 2016, Mystikal collaborated with rapper Lil Dicky on Trinidad James’ single “Just a Lil’ Thick (She Juicy),” showcasing his versatility.

Through collaborations and solo work, Mystikal leaves an indelible mark on the music industry with his unique style and talent.

No Limit Records and Commercial Success

Signing with No Limit Records in 1996, Mystikal’s career ascended with his album “Unpredictable,” released in November 1997.

This endeavor was a monumental success, peaking at number three on the Billboard 200 and topping the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Singles like “Ain’t No Limit” and “The Man Right Chea” further solidified Mystikal’s position in the hip-hop scene.

In 1998, “Ghetto Fabulous” gained massive popularity, selling 386,000 copies in its first week and eventually going Platinum.

Mystikal’s impact on No Limit Records went beyond his solo albums, with significant features on label releases in late 1990s-early 2000s.

In 2000, Mystikal reached the pinnacle of his commercial success with his fourth album, “Let’s Get Ready.”

This album debuted impressively at number one on the Billboard 200, making it his sole album to accomplish this.

Hits like “Danger (Been So Long)” with Nivea and Neptune-produced “Shake Ya Ass” cemented Mystikal’s hip-hop prominence.

The next year, “Tarantula” was released, extending Mystikal’s success with the hit single “Bouncin’ Back (Bumpin’ Me Against the Wall).”

The album earned Mystikal Grammy nominations for Best Rap Album and Best Male Rap Solo Performance in 2003.

In this time, he featured on tracks including Ludacris’ “Move Bitch” and Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz’ “I Don’t Give a Fuck.”

Mystikal’s remarkable success established him as a dynamic and influential hip-hop artist, leaving a lasting impression on the genre.

Sexual Battery Conviction and Imprisonment

In 2003, Mystikal faced serious legal trouble when he was indicted on charges of sexual battery and extortion.

After pleading guilty to assaulting his hairstylist and coercing her, he received a six-year state prison sentence in 2004.

Notably, his bodyguards, Vercy Carter and Leland Ellis, also pleaded guilty to the same charge.

This wasn’t Mystikal’s first encounter with the law, as he had previously been arrested twice for drug and gun possession.

While incarcerated in summer 2005, Mystikal faced charges for two misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns.

He was convicted in federal court but served his one-year federal sentence concurrently with his six-year state sentence.

Despite being denied parole in January 2006, Mystikal was released from custody on the federal tax convictions a year later. However, he remained incarcerated due to his Louisiana state felony convictions. Finally, after serving his full sentence, Mystikal was released in January 2010. As a consequence of his convictions, he was registered as a sex offender.

Assault and Arrest

In 2003, Mystikal faced severe legal consequences after admitting to sexually assaulting his hairstylist.

He falsely accused her of stealing $80,000 and coerced her and two bodyguards into performing oral sex.

A videotape of the incident was discovered at Mystikal’s residence, initially prompting him to claim that the encounter was consensual.

Subsequently, the federal government charged Mystikal with two misdemeanor counts of failing to file taxes.

He was already incarcerated for state charges related to sexual violence and extortion from 1998 and 1999.

In 2005, he was convicted of tax charges, serving both a six-year state sentence and a one-year federal sentence concurrently.

Upon his release in 2010, Mystikal was registered as a sex offender. However, his legal troubles persisted when he was arrested again in 2012 following a domestic dispute with his wife. Despite being released on bail after nine days, he violated his probation once more, resulting in a three-month prison sentence.

In 2017, Mystikal turned himself into the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office after an arrest warrant was issued against him. He was arrested on a $3 million bond and charged with rape. However, in 2019, the charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence.

In 2022, Mystikal faced further legal issues, arrested in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, on charges including rape and domestic violence.

Legal troubles have overshadowed Mystikal’s career and personal life, underscoring the complex challenges he has encountered repeatedly.

Legal Issues

February 2012 saw Mystikal’s arrest for domestic abuse battery after an altercation with a partner, adding to his legal woes.

Adding to his legal troubles, Mystikal received a three-month prison sentence in 2010 for probation violation.

Mystikal’s probation violation stemmed from a nine-day stint in custody after being released on bail.

In the summer 2017, Mystikal surrendered to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department due to an outstanding arrest warrant.

He was detained at the Caddo Correctional Center on a $3 million bond but secured release in 2019 by posting bail.

The accusations against Mystikal intensified in 2019 when he faced charges of rape.

The case shifted when charges were dropped the next year due to insufficient evidence, despite the severity of the allegations.

Mystikal’s legal struggles have impacted his personal and professional life, serving as a reminder of the challenges he’s encountered.

Facts About Mystikal: 

  1. Mystikal, the renowned American rapper and actor, has accumulated a net worth estimated at $2 million.
  2. His successful albums, including “Mind of Mystikal,” “Unpredictable,” and “Ghetto Fabulous,” have significantly contributed to his financial prosperity.
  3. Mystikal’s “Let’s Get Ready” album soared, dominating the Billboard charts and showcasing smash hits like “Shake Ya Ass.”
  4. Despite facing legal hurdles, including a six-year incarceration from 2004 to 2010, Mystikal has persisted and thrived in music.
  5. Mystikal persists in performing and releasing music, showcasing resilience and dedication to his craft amid challenges throughout his career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Mystikal’s net worth?

A: As of the latest update, Mystikal, the American rapper, and actor, boasts a net worth of $2 million.

Q: What are some notable achievements in Mystikal’s music career?

A: Mystikal has a prolific discography, having released six albums, many of which garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. Albums like “Unpredictable” and “Ghetto Fabulous” soared to the top five of the Billboard 200 and earned platinum certifications from the RIAA. Notably, his album “Let’s Get Ready” clinched the number one spot on the Billboard charts and spawned hit singles like “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger (Been So Long).”

Q: What legal issues has Mystikal faced?

A: Throughout his life, Mystikal has faced several legal challenges, notably in 2003 when he was indicted on charges of sexual battery and extortion. He pleaded guilty to assaulting his hairstylist, resulting in a six-year prison sentence. Additionally, he has encountered legal issues related to tax evasion and domestic abuse.

Q: What are some facts about Mystikal’s personal life?

A: Mystikal’s personal life has been marked by both tragedies and controversies. He experienced the loss of his sister, Michelle Tyler, in a tragic incident in 1994, which has profoundly influenced his music. Mystikal has been romantically involved with several notable women, including singers Nivea and Monica, as well as author Karrine Steffans. He is also a father to two children, Million Tyler and Michelle Tyler.


Mystikal, originally named Michael Lawrence Tyler, has traversed a path of both triumphs and tribulations within the music industry.

After serving as a combat engineer in the US Army, he entered the rap scene in the 1990s, captivating audiences swiftly.

Albums like “Mind of Mystikal” and “Let’s Get Ready” propelled him to hip-hop stardom, cementing his formidable presence.

However, Mystikal’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Legal entanglements, including a significant six-year prison sentence, have punctuated his career. Despite these setbacks, Mystikal’s resilience shines through as he continues to create music, undeterred by the obstacles he has faced.

Mystikal, with a net worth of $2 million, remains a notable hip-hop figure, celebrated for his energetic style.

His lasting impact in the industry showcases dedication, resilience, and a significant imprint on music.

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