June 13, 2024
Nate Bargatze Net Worth: A Rising Star In Comedy

Nate Bargatze Net Worth

$ 4 Million

Nate Bargatze, a prominent American stand-up comedian, has amassed a substantial net worth of $4 million, affirming his stature as a leading figure in the comedy domain. Renowned for his sharp wit and approachable demeanor, Bargatze has garnered extensive praise for his comedic prowess and relatable narratives. With his quick wit and genuine charm, Bargatze has captured the hearts of audiences far and wide. His ability to effortlessly blend humor with down-to-earth storytelling has earned him widespread acclaim within the comedy industry. 

Whether on stage or screen, Bargatze’s comedic talent shines through, captivating audiences with his relatable observations and humorous anecdotes. In summary, Nate Bargatze’s impressive net worth and widespread acclaim underscore his status as a prominent figure in the comedy industry. With his witty humor and down-to-earth demeanor, Bargatze continues to delight audiences and solidify his legacy as one of the most respected comedians of his generation.

Nate Bargatze Net Worth 2024

Net Worth$4 Million
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1979
Place of BirthNashville, Tennessee

With a net worth of $4 million, Nate Bargatze has indisputably carved out a prominent niche in the comedy sphere. Praised for his razor-sharp wit and authentic charisma, Bargatze has garnered widespread admiration for his comedic genius and ability to resonate with audiences. His relatable storytelling and down-to-earth persona have endeared him to fans, solidifying his position as a beloved comedian.

Bargatze’s unparalleled knack for connecting with audiences on a personal level has further cemented his status as a comedic icon. As he continues to accumulate success and accolades, he remains a formidable force in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with his unparalleled blend of humor and sincerity. With each performance, Bargatze reaffirms his place as a cherished figure in the world of comedy, leaving an indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of experiencing his work.

Who Is Nate Bargatze?

Who Is Nate Bargatze?

Nate Bargatze emerges as a revered figure in the world of stand-up comedy, embraced by audiences across the globe. Amidst a landscape teeming with comedic talent, Bargatze distinguishes himself with a rare charm and magnetism. His natural gift for forging personal connections with audiences, combined with his singular perspective and clever humor, has thrust him into the spotlight of the comedy arena.

It is this seamless fusion of personality and comedic skill that has elevated Bargatze to the pinnacle of the comedy scene. With an effortless ability to engage and entertain, he has etched his name among the most adored stand-up comedians of our time. Bargatze’s irresistible appeal lies in his genuine authenticity and relatable storytelling, ensuring his enduring popularity and esteemed position within the industry.

Biography Of Nate Bargatze

Biography Of Nate Bargatze

Born Nathanael Bargatze on March 25, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, Nate Bargatze has risen to prominence as an American stand-up comedian celebrated for his relatable humor and laid-back demeanor. Raised in the tight-knit community of Old Hickory, Tennessee, Bargatze attributes his grounded perspective and effortless comedic style to his upbringing. The son of Carole and Stephen Bargatze, Nate was introduced to the world of entertainment at a young age, thanks to his father’s career as a former clown who later became a renowned magician. 

Despite being immersed in this environment, Bargatze’s educational path initially lacked direction. He attended Donelson Christian Academy before furthering his studies at Volunteer State Community College in Tennessee. However, instead of immediately pursuing a career in comedy or higher education, Bargatze chose to enter the workforce. Through various jobs, he honed his observational humor and enriched his comedic repertoire, laying the foundation for his future success in the comedy industry.

Nate Bargatze Profile Summary

Real NameNathanael Bargatze
Popular NameNate Bargatze
Birth DateMarch 25, 1979
ParentsCarole and Stephen Bargatze
BirthplaceNashville, Tennessee, United States
EducationDonelson Christian Academy, Volunteer State Community College
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseLaura Baines
Net Worth$4 million
Source of WealthComedy, Television, Specials, Albums

Nate Bargatze’s Early Life

Nate Bargatze originates from Old Hickory, Tennessee, a community known for its tight bonds and strong influence on its residents’ upbringing. Growing up in this environment, Bargatze often credits it with shaping his down-to-earth perspective and laid-back comedic style. Being raised in a household where his father transitioned from being a clown to a highly skilled magician, Bargatze was immersed in the world of entertainment from a young age. This early exposure not only provided him with abundant comedic material but also instilled in him a deep appreciation for the art of bringing joy to others.

Nate Bargatze  Education

Before discovering his passion for comedy, Bargatze’s educational journey took an unconventional route. While he initially enrolled at Vol State Community College in Tennessee, his path did not immediately lead him towards comedy or pursuing further education. Instead, Bargatze ventured into the workforce, exploring various roles that, although seemingly unrelated to his eventual career, proved instrumental in sharpening his observational wit. It was only later that Bargatze made the bold decision to pursue stand-up comedy, a leap of faith that ultimately led to significant success and recognition in the comedy world.

Nate Bargatze Height & Weight

Nate Bargatze possesses a remarkable presence, standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 85 kg. His captivating dim eyes and dark brown hair contribute to his distinctive allure. Additionally, his well-maintained full beard complements his unique appearance perfectly, adding to his overall charm and charisma.

Nate Bargatze Age

Renowned for his unique comedic style and impeccable skill, 45-year-old Nate Bargatze has solidified his position as an enduring figure in the entertainment landscape. Born on June 30, 1976, in Nashville, Tennessee, Bargatze’s innate wit and charm have endeared him to audiences worldwide. In a world that is constantly evolving, Bargatze remains a beacon of timeless amusement, captivating viewers with his infectious humor and undeniable charisma.

As a native of Tennessee, Bargatze has consistently delivered laughter throughout his career, showcasing his vibrant energy and sharp wit. Despite reaching the milestone of his 46th birthday, Bargatze continues to defy age expectations, captivating audiences with his timeless appeal. Whether on stage or television, Bargatze’s ability to connect with viewers on a profound level has made him a beloved and enduring presence in the entertainment industry.

Nate Bargatze Nationality & Ethnicity

Nate Bargatze boasts a diverse heritage, with ancestry tracing back to German, English, Irish, and Swiss-German roots. Raised in the United States, Bargatze adeptly incorporates his multicultural background into his performances, offering audiences a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences.

The fusion of Bargatze’s European ancestry with American culture infuses his work with a distinctive flavor, inspiring him to continually refine and enhance his craft. His ability to resonate with individuals from various backgrounds has contributed significantly to his popularity, as viewers worldwide are drawn to his relatable and versatile on-screen personas. Through his performances, Bargatze bridges cultural divides, offering audiences a glimpse into the complexities of identity and heritage in a rapidly changing world.

Nate Bargatze Parents

Nate Bargatze Parents

Born on March 25, 1979, in the vibrant city of Nashville, Tennessee, Nate Bargatze is a true Nashville native. Growing up in the heart of Music City, USA must have been an incredible experience!

Nate’s father, Stephen Bargatze, gained renown as a skilled magician and entertainer, captivating audiences worldwide. While Nate doesn’t delve much into his mother’s background in public, he often highlights the strong bond among his family members in his comedic routines, sharing amusing anecdotes about them.

His formative years were undoubtedly shaped by the enchantment of his father’s mesmerizing performances and the rich musical tapestry of Nashville. Family holds a special place in Nate’s heart; they have profoundly influenced his outlook on life, infusing his stories with warmth and sentimentality.

Nate Bargatze Siblings

Nate Bargatze shares a unique and cherished bond with his sister, Abargatze. Whenever he speaks of her, his face lights up with genuine admiration. He frequently expresses how his younger sister fails to comprehend why individuals would seek a photo with him. Despite his celebrity status, she perceives him solely as her big brother, unaffected by his fame. This dynamic serves as a heartening reminder that amidst all the attention Nate receives, his sister grounds him, reaffirming his true identity in her eyes.

Nate Bargatze Wife

Nate Bargatze Wife

Nate Bargatze and Laura Baines share a charming love story with humble beginnings. Their paths first crossed while they were both employed at an Applebee’s in Tennessee. Serendipitously, Nate embarked on his journey into comedy around the same time they began dating. Taking a leap of faith, he ventured to a comedy school in Chicago before honing his skills in New York City and ultimately settling in Los Angeles to further refine his craft.

Their wedding day, October 13, 2006, held a delightful quirk: it fell on a Friday the 13th. Nate, known for his comedic wit, found this detail particularly amusing and incorporated it into his comedy special, “The Tennessee Kid.” Beyond the spotlight, Nate frequently expresses his love and admiration for Laura on social media platforms. Recently, on their 17th anniversary, he poured his heart out to her on Instagram, showcasing the enduring strength of their bond to the world.

Nate Bargatze’s Wife’s Age

Laura Baines Bargatze entered the world on May 1, 1989, in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, marking her age as 35 in 2024. Raised in a devout Christian household, she was immersed in a childhood deeply rooted in faith, attending a private school that reinforced her religious beliefs. After graduating from the University of Alabama in 2011 with a degree in communication studies, Laura relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where destiny would unite her with Nate Bargatze, her future husband. Their love story blossomed against the vibrant backdrop of Nashville, where their paths intersected, sparking a connection that would shape their journey together.

Nate Bargatze Children

Nate and Laura Bargatze radiate pride as parents, especially when it comes to their daughter, Harper, who was born on July 9, 2012. Harper isn’t your typical kid; she’s practically a co-star in her father’s comedy routines, often stealing the spotlight before his Netflix specials. Nate infuses his stand-up with heartfelt anecdotes about Harper’s adventures, school escapades, and charming quirks, adding a delightful touch of warmth and humor to his performances.

Nate speaks of Harper with immense affection, considering her the greatest gift he’s ever received. At eleven years old, Harper resides happily with her parents in Nashville, Tennessee. Whether she’s surrounded by family or friends, she never fails to elicit laughter and smiles with her quick wit and infectious charm. Her favorite pastime is spending quality time with loved ones, infusing the Bargatze household with laughter and joy.

Nate Bargatze Career

Nate Bargatze Career

Bargatze embarked on his stand-up comedy journey in the early 2000s, starting in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. He then transitioned to the renowned Boston Comedy Club in New York City, where he further refined his comedic skills. However, his aspirations extended beyond the comedy club circuit. Bargatze demonstrated his talent and generosity by entertaining American troops stationed in Iraq and Kuwait, providing much-needed levity in challenging environments.

In 2013, Bargatze experienced a significant breakthrough that altered the course of his career. Winning accolades at both the Boston Comedy Festival and the New York Comedy Festival catapulted him into the spotlight. Yet, it was the opportunities that followed that truly solidified his status as a comedy icon. Joining Jimmy Fallon’s Clean Cut Comedy Tour was akin to hitting the jackpot in the humor industry, propelling Bargatze to household name status and ushering in a new chapter of success.

Comedy Specials And Critical Acclaim

Nate Bargatze’s comedy specials, particularly “The Tennessee Kid” on Netflix, have garnered widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences alike, establishing him as a prominent figure in the comedy landscape. Renowned for his ability to turn everyday experiences into comedic brilliance, Nate’s charm has endeared him to fans and critics alike. His talent for transforming mundane anecdotes into captivating narratives has earned him praise and secured his place on prestigious “best of comedy” lists. Through his captivating storytelling and relatable humor, Nate Bargatze has firmly cemented his legacy in the realm of comedy, leaving an enduring impression on global audiences.

Television Appearances And Screen Recognition

Aside from his stand-up endeavors, Nate’s television appearances have been instrumental in advancing his career, notably through numerous successful appearances on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” His adeptness at establishing connections with both the live audience and viewers at home has led to a wealth of opportunities in television and streaming platforms. These appearances have not only expanded Nate’s audience but also strengthened his influence in the entertainment sphere. His seamless ability to engage and entertain across various mediums highlights his versatility and enduring relevance in the dynamic world of entertainment.

Nate Bargatze’s Achievements

Nate’s career epitomizes both humility and humor, earning him a plethora of accolades that underscore his talent and unwavering dedication to comedy. His journey, marked by genuine charm and sharp wit, has earned admiration from both peers and audiences. With each performance, Nate showcases a rare combination of relatability and comedic skill, seamlessly blending everyday observations into uproarious anecdotes. 

This exceptional talent has garnered widespread recognition, evident in the numerous awards and honors he has received. From prestigious comedy festivals to industry accolades, Nate’s achievements not only highlight his comedic genius but also the authenticity and commitment he brings to his art. Through his modesty and approachable demeanor, Nate Bargatze has carved out a distinctive niche in the comedy landscape, leaving audiences laughing and applauding in equal measure.

House And Lifestyle Of Nate Bargatze

Delving into Nate Bargatze’s lifestyle and personal preferences offers a captivating peek into the personality beyond the laughter. Nate’s daily life mirrors his onstage persona: modest, rooted in the everyday, and imbued with sincere warmth. His approach to living embodies his down-to-earth nature, marked by simplicity and genuineness. Whether at home or in public, Nate’s decisions resonate with his relatable humor and authentic connection with his audience, underscoring the genuine essence of his character both onstage and off.

Hobbies And Downtime

After the final curtain call and the applause fades, Nate’s world blossoms with a diverse array of interests that offer both comfort and excitement away from the spotlight. Whether he’s enjoying a round of golf with close friends, casting his fishing line into tranquil waters, or simply getting lost in the pages of a captivating book or the melodies of soulful music, these pursuits provide essential balance to the whirlwind of touring and performing.

A passionate sports enthusiast, Nate’s steadfast support for local teams reflects his deep connection to his Tennessee roots. Through the fabric of his home, the rhythm of his lifestyle, and the tapestry of his daily routines, Nate Bargatze emerges as a symbol of authenticity, demonstrating that true success doesn’t require a departure from one’s genuine self. His life beyond the glare of the spotlight amplifies the essence and humor that endear him to countless fans—a testament to a man who finds extraordinary narratives in the fabric of everyday life.

Awards And Nominations

Awards And Nominations

While individual awards and nominations aren’t the sole indicators of a comedian’s success, they do represent significant acknowledgments of industry recognition for their talent. Nate Bargatze’s impressive body of work has indeed earned nominations and awards from prestigious comedy festivals and organizations, highlighting his notable contributions to the comedy and entertainment realms. However, it’s Nate’s unwavering dedication, authenticity, and relatable style that truly distinguish him.

Through his relentless commitment and genuine rapport with his audience, Nate has carved out a unique position in the comedy landscape, one that goes beyond conventional boundaries. His ability to connect with people on a personal level and evoke genuine laughter speaks volumes about his impact and enduring appeal in the world of comedy.

Future Earning Potential

The comedy industry has shown remarkable resilience, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, witnessing a surge in demand for live entertainment that has reached unprecedented levels. Nate’s consistent growth as an entertainer and a prominent public figure highlights the significant potential for his earnings to skyrocket. With each new project and every clever punchline delivered, the opportunity to capitalize on his unique brand of humor continues to grow.

Nate Bargatze Social Media Accounts

In the expansive realm of social media, one can discover Nate Bargatze’s digital presence. Since September 2008, when he ventured into the Twitterverse, an impressive following of 97.3 million enthusiasts has rallied behind his online endeavors. Additionally, on Instagram, under the handle @natebargatze, his digital haven hosts a legion of 193 thousand followers who gather to admire his 1,143 visual chronicles as of August 2020. Moreover, on Facebook, his official profile boasts a substantial congregation of 48.7 thousand followers, firmly establishing his presence across various social media platforms.

Facts About Nate Bargatze

  • Nate Bargatze was born on March 25, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, into a household influenced by comedy and magic due to his father’s career as both a magician and a speaker.
  • He attended Donelson Christian Academy in Nashville for his early education and later pursued further studies at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin.
  • Bargatze began his comedy career in the mid-2000s in Chicago, Illinois, where he honed his stand-up skills before moving to New York City to perform at renowned comedy clubs such as the Boston Comedy Club.
  • In 2013, Bargatze gained significant recognition by winning awards at the Boston Comedy Festival and the New York Comedy Festival. His debut comedy CD, “Yelled at by a Clown,” was released in 2014, marking a pivotal moment in his career.
  • Bargatze has released several stand-up specials, including “Full Time Enchantment” (2015) and “The Tennessee Kid” (2019), both of which premiered on Netflix.
  • He has made various television appearances, including hosting Saturday Night Live in 2023 and appearing on talk shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Nate Bargatze married Laura Baines in 2006, and they have one daughter named Harper.
  • As of [current date], Nate Bargatze’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million, primarily earned through his comedy career, television appearances, stand-up specials, and album sales.

FAQs about Nate Bargatze

Q: What is Nate Bargatze’s net worth?

Nate Bargatze’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million as of [current date], primarily accumulated through his comedy career, television appearances, stand-up specials, and album sales.

Q: Where and when was Nate Bargatze born?

Nate Bargatze was born on March 25, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Q: Who are Nate Bargatze’s parents?

Nate Bargatze’s parents are Carole and Stephen Bargatze. His father, Stephen, transitioned from being a clown to becoming a well-known magician.

Q: is Nate Bargatze’s educational background?

Nate Bargatze attended Donelson Christian Academy in Nashville for his early education and furthered his studies at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, Tennessee.

Q: When did Nate Bargatze start his comedy career?

Nate Bargatze began his comedy career in the mid-2000s in Chicago, Illinois, where he refined his stand-up skills. He later moved to New York City, performing at esteemed comedy clubs like the Boston Comedy Club.


Nate Bargatze has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the comedy industry, amassing a net worth of $4 million as of [current date]. Renowned for his relatable humor, down-to-earth demeanor, and clever storytelling, Bargatze has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition throughout his career. From his roots in Nashville, Tennessee, to his early experiences in comedy clubs and subsequent success with stand-up specials and television appearances, Bargatze’s journey epitomizes dedication, authenticity, and undeniable talent. As he continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of wit and charm, Nate Bargatze remains a beloved comedian and a significant presence in the entertainment landscape.

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