July 14, 2024

What to Change on Your Resume to Qualify for a Bigger Paycheck in Dubai


Study the resumes of your competitors, especially those who list salary expectations 25-30% higher than yours. Your job is to show your personality. What do these people know how to do? What abilities and expertise do they have? Do you not have the same skills and knowledge? Layboard is a job search site for finding a profession with a career path where you can utilize all of these tips.

There are three possible scenarios:

  • Is your resume any different? Great, just increase your salary expectations.
  • Do you possess all or most of these skills and knowledge? but have you forgotten their meaning? Add them and increase your salary expectations.
  • Recommendations and testimonials: Include references from previous employers or testimonials about your work to enhance your credibility as a candidate.
  • Add professional certifications: Include all applicable certifications and ongoing education courses, especially those that are valued in Dubai.
  • Increase the importance of key skills: Consider the skills that are sought after in your field in Dubai. Make sure these are clearly defined on your resume.

Do you possess all of these skills and knowledge, but you haven’t described them as convincingly as your competitors? Rewrite your resume and write down the following points:

  • Instead of listing functions, describe the results achieved and the benefits the company received.
  • Support achievements with evidence.

Learn only relevant advanced training courses and training. Taking into account all the points, you can easily find job vacancies in Dubai.

What else can you do?

  • Ignore this cover letter, but write only about how you can be useful to this particular company.
  • Review your resume and think about how to shorten it. A concise and logical summary is your competitive competitor.

These changes will help your resume stand out and increase your pace of landing a high-paying job in Dubai.

When might you consider a salary raise?

You should think about increasing your salary in the following cases:

  • A long period of work without promotion. If you have been working in the same position for a long time (usually a year or more) and have not received a salary increase, this might suggest that it’s the right moment to bring the issue up with management.
  • Successful completion of tasks and projects. If you have successfully completed important projects or made significant improvements in your performance, this is a strong argument for a salary increase.
  • Acquiring new skills and qualifications. If you’ve completed training, earned new certifications, or acquired skills that are valuable to your company, that could also justify a promotion.
  • Change of responsibilities. If your responsibilities have increased or changed significantly, This could also warrant a review of your salary level.
  • Market situation. If you find out that the average salary for similar positions in your industry is significantly higher than your current salary, this may be a reason to talk about a raise.
  • Personal circumstances. Sometimes personal circumstances, for example, a change in marital status or relocation to a different city, could be a reason to negotiate a salary increase.
  • The results of your contribution. If your contribution to the company’s success is visible and you feel that your current pay level is not commensurate with your contribution, this also provides a good basis for discussing a salary increase.

It’s crucial to be ready for such a situation: collect arguments, conduct labor market research, and be ready for a constructive dialogue with the employer.

What factors are crucial to consider when applying for a job to qualify for a higher salary?

When applying for a job, to qualify for a high salary, it is important to consider the following aspects:

  • Relevant experience and qualifications. Ensure that your experience and qualifications align with the requirements of the position you are applying to. The more relevant your experience, the higher your chances of receiving a high salary.
  • Skills and competencies. Develop skills that are highly valued in your industry. Technical skills, foreign language skills, and specialized knowledge can significantly increase your market value.
  • Understanding the labor market. Research the job market and find out what salaries are offered for similar positions. This will assist you in establishing achievable expectations and substantiating your requests.
  • Reputation and recommendations. Good references from previous employers and a professional reputation can significantly increase your attractiveness to new employers.
  • Successes and achievements. Highlight your professional accomplishments on your resume and in interviews. Specific examples of successful projects and results can convince an employer of your value.
  • Negotiation skills. The ability to negotiate salary and working conditions also plays an important role. Prepare for salary negotiations using market rates and your merits.
  • Networking contacts and connections. Establish and maintain professional contacts. Networking can help you learn about high-paying jobs and get referrals.
  • Additional benefits. Take into account not just the salary, but also other perks such as bonuses, health insurance, training, and career advancement opportunities. These factors can also significantly increase the overall value of your offering.
  • Flexibility and readiness to move. In some cases, being willing to relocate or being flexible with your work schedule can be key to landing a high-paying position.
  • Cultural and organizational fit. Ensure that you align well with the company’s culture. Employers are often willing to pay more to those who fit perfectly into their team and share the company’s values. 

Taking into account all the factors and using Layboard, a site for finding a job in Dubai, you will increase the likelihood that you will find a good specialty with career growth, where over time you will be provided with an increased salary.

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