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Audrey Murdick Bio, Age, Family, Relationship, Career, Net Worth, Social Media And More

audrey murdick
audrey murdick

Who is Audrey Murdick?

American entertainer Audrey Bertha Tomlin was brought into the world on August 29, 1980, and has a few gifts. She is a certified nutritionist who is excited about helping individuals in having better existences; she isn’t your common nutritionist. That, however Audrey likewise has an ability for functional preparing. She motivates individuals to propel themselves and arrive at their wellness targets as a fitness coach.

But Audrey’s narrative doesn’t end there. She’s not only concerned with diet and exercise; she competes fiercely in the bodybuilding scene. She has transformed her body into a powerhouse via commitment and hard effort, taking on tasks that most people would be afraid to take on.

In terms of private life, Audrey’s narrative is entwined with that of renowned comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. She is Jeff’s second wife, and she gives his life harmony and affection. The couple is raising a lovely family consisting of twin boys, James Jeffrey and Jack Steven.

Audrey’s story serves as a monument to the strength of tenacity and enthusiasm. Audrey exudes grace and strength in all facets of her life, whether she’s tending to her family, competing on stage, or assisting others in changing their bodies.

Audrey Murdick Bio

August 29, 1980, marked the start of Audrey Murdick’s trip in the bright hamlet of Norco, California. Audrey is more than your typical personal trainer and nutritionist; her passion for life also radiates in the bodybuilding community, where her commitment and enthusiasm are evident.

But the performance really belongs to her portrayal as the devoted wife of famous ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. You have undoubtedly witnessed Jeff’s incredible stand-up comedy performances, when he transforms his characters into real people using his extraordinary ventriloquism abilities.

At 40 years old, Audrey brings a vibrant energy to everything she does. Her marriage to Jeff Dunham adds another layer of charm to their already fascinating story. Together, they’re a dynamic duo, navigating the world of entertainment and family life with grace and humor.

Audrey Murdick Wiki

Birth NameAudrey Murdick
Mother’s NameSally Murdick
Father’s NameSteve Murdick
Date of BirthAugust 29, 1980
BirthplaceNorco, California, USA
ProfessionNutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Actress
Marital StatusMarried
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown
Weight (kg)49.4 kg
Height (ft)5 feet 4 inches
Net Worth$60 million (collective with husband, Jeff Dunham)
HusbandJeff Dunham

How Old is Audrey Murdick?

In 2024, Audrey Murdick will mature 43, adding one more exciting year to her generally astonishing presence. Her story starts in the drowsy Californian town of Norco, settled in the core of Riverside Province, on August 29, 1980. It’s something beyond the spot of her introduction to the world; it’s where she spent her early stages, encompassed by adoration from her loved ones.

Audrey’s roots are deeply tied to her parents, Steve and Sally Murdick. Her dad, Steve, devoted over three decades to Northrop Grumman as a Programmer Analyst before embracing retirement. Meanwhile, her mom, Sally, illuminated young minds as an elementary school teacher, proficient in English, Spanish, French, and German. Talk about a linguistic powerhouse!

What makes Audrey’s upbringing even more special is her parents’ shared love for sports and physical activity. They weren’t just spectators; they actively participated, setting a healthy example for Audrey and instilling a passion for an active lifestyle from an early age.

Audrey Murdick Family 

The question of Jeff Dunham’s marital status is one that many fans have, and it’s one that you may also have. Alright, allow me to tell you the touching tale. Jeff hired Audrey as his personal physique trainer back in 2009. Their bond became stronger as they spent more time together, eventually leading to love.

In December 2011, the couple made the momentous decision to become engaged. In October 2012, a lovely wedding ceremony marked the beginning of their path towards eternal bliss. And only two hours apart, on October 11, 2015, their family joyfully welcomed twin sons into the world.

Let’s now introduce Audrey Dunham to her priceless offspring. Two people, Jack and James, were born in the thriving metropolis of Los Angeles. Their presence brought an extra dash of happiness to their parents’ third wedding anniversary, which was being celebrated only a few days prior.

Before Audrey came into the picture, Jeff Dunham was married to Paige Brown. Together, they were blessed with two lovely daughters, Ashlyn and Kenna. And Jeff lovingly embraced Paige’s daughter, Bree, from her previous relationship, treating her as his own.

Her parents inspired her to pursue a career in bodybuilding and fitness

Steve, Audrey Murdick’s father, used to be an enthusiastic runner but had to put his love of the sport on wait in order to support his family. But after he retired, he put on his running shoes once more and began preparing for races. Amazingly, Steve finished six full marathons in addition to a couple 10k races and half marathons. It was particularly noteworthy that he completed his first full marathon just two weeks after turning sixty.

Audrey’s mother, Sally, is equally inspiring. In her younger years, she was also a runner but took a break when her children were born. However, retirement reignited her athletic spirit. Sally didn’t just get back into running; she also earned a brown belt in karate and began participating in fitness competitions. With commitment to her preparation and diet, she entered her most memorable wellness rivalry at 58 years old.

Sally didn’t stop there — she became guaranteed in both back rub treatment and wellness preparing and proceeded to run a few half long distance races and a full long distance race. It’s clear that Audrey inherited her passion for fitness and bodybuilding from her parents. She often speaks fondly of them, highlighting their influence and the active lifestyle they instilled in her from an early age.

Audrey Murdick Siblings

Tim and Nick Murdick, Audrey’s two elder brothers, raised her in a loving home. Audrey calls her “two big brothers,” and they have a particular affinity because she is the only girl and the youngest.

Audrey and her brothers were inseparable from a young age. Their parents fostered their close bond by making sure that holidays and birthdays were usually lavish affairs. The siblings’ relationship was strengthened by the thrill and anticipation these rare occasions brought.

Adventure and family time were equally important to their parents. They would load up and head off for family vacations every June, frequently traveling by car to visit national parks and other locations. They visited Mexico and Hawaii in addition to the US mainland, where they took in the stunning scenery and a variety of cultural experiences.

These shared experiences created lasting memories and deepened the connection between Audrey, her brothers, and their parents. The Murdick family’s tradition of celebrating special moments and exploring new places together played a significant role in fostering the close relationship Audrey enjoys with her family today.

Audrey Murdick Relationship

Audrey Murdick is Jeff Dunham’s second wife. Jeff was initially married to Paige Brown in 1994, and together they had three children, one of whom Jeff adopted from Paige’s previous relationship. Unfortunately, their marriage faced challenges over time, leading to Jeff filing for divorce in 2008.

At the point when Jeff and Audrey initially met in 2009, their sentiment took off. They turned out to be more close throughout the span of three years, and in 2012 they became locked in. Their happiness expanded when their twin young men were conceived three years after the fact.

Audrey is funny like Jeff, and she loves to collect things like model helicopters, Apple products, muscle cars, and ventriloquist dummies. Their mutual support and common interests have made their partnership solid and peaceful. Audrey occasionally goes on stage with Jeff and frequently helps him backstage.

Since their marriage, there have been no rumors of tension between them. Audrey’s involvement in Jeff’s career and their shared passions have only strengthened their bond, creating a joyful and collaborative partnership.

Audrey Murdick Husband 

Jeff Dunham has become famous with his exceptional mix of satire and ventriloquism, showing up on various TV programs, for example, “The This evening Show,” “Fun times TV Presents,” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.” He has additionally created a few well known satire specials, including “Jeff Dunham’s Extremely Exceptional Christmas Extraordinary,” “Jeff Dunham: Contending with Myself,” and “Jeff Dunham: All around the Guide.” Known for his politically erroneous and generally perceived characters, Jeff plays had a huge impact in restoring the craft of ventriloquism.

Jeff’s comedic gifts have acquired him the title of America’s Number one Satire Entertainer, and he is the most noteworthy netting professional comic in North America. Monetarily, he positions as the third most generously compensated humorist, simply behind Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock, and he is likewise celebrated as one of Europe’s best comedic entertainers.

His internet based presence is similarly noteworthy, with his site accomplishing more than 350 million hits on YouTube. Perhaps of his most renowned person, Achmed the Dead Psychological oppressor, highlights in one of the stage’s most-seen recordings. Jeff even holds a Guinness World Record for the most tickets sold on a stand-up satire visit, acting in 386 settings during his “Flash of Madness” visit. Regardless of his broad visiting and media appearances, Jeff keeps on performing live, imparting his special humor to crowds all over the planet.

Audrey Murdick Early life and Career 

We do know that Audrey Murdick was raised by her parents, despite the fact that not much is known about her early years. What is known about her siblings is few. As a teenager, Audrey battled her weight and used exercise as a coping method. She started by changing her diet and engaging in physical activities like spin and yoga sessions. But these early attempts were insufficient, and eventually she fell in love with bodybuilding, which helped her achieve her dream figure and weight.

During her fitness journey, Audrey realized the crucial role nutrition plays in body development. This interest led her to work closely with a personal trainer and eventually dive into bodybuilding competitions. Over the years, her dedication paid off as she gained a solid reputation in the fitness world. Audrey also pursued formal education in nutrition, becoming a certified nutritionist. Her expertise in bodybuilding and nutrition further established her career as a personal trainer.

Audrey’s profile rose significantly when she started dating Jeff Dunham. Her popularity grew not only through her fitness career but also due to her association with the famous comedian. She has made appearances in some of Jeff’s special acts and has taken on supporting roles in films, adding another dimension to her versatile career.

Audrey Murdick’s Movies and TV Shows

Because Audrey Murdick frequently appears in her husband Jeff Dunham’s documentaries and specials, she is occasionally given credit as an actress. She acted in “Achmed Saves America” in 2014 after making her film debut in “Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters” in 2012. She made her most recent appearance in “The Thieves Guild” in 2015. These positions have given her career a distinctive new angle and demonstrated her adaptability outside of the fitness and nutrition sectors.

Audrey Murdick Net Worth

Through her work as a professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, certified nutritionist, and in numerous films, Audrey Murdick has accumulated a substantial amount of fortune. Her husband Jeff Dunham’s and their combined net worth are reported to be in the neighborhood of $60 million. As one of the highest-paid comedians, Jeff adds almost $45 million to this amount after years of developing his skill and enjoying considerable success.

At 43 years old, Audrey enjoys a life filled with passion and luxury. Jeff is also known for his impressive car collection, which includes a Dodge Challenger RT4, The Batmobile, Dodge Challenger SRT8, The Beatsmart (a 2008 smart car), Achmed Mobile, H1 Hummer Slantback, and H1 Alpha Hummer, among others, with the collection valued at over $100,000.

The couple resides in a magnificent mansion, reflecting their successful and vibrant lifestyle. Audrey and Jeff’s shared passions and achievements have enabled them to enjoy a life of comfort and excitement together.

Audrey Murdick on Social Media

One reason why there is limited information about Audrey Murdick’s past and present endeavors is her minimal online presence. She doesn’t have accounts on major social media platforms. In contrast, her husband, Jeff Dunham, is very active online, a common trait among stand-up comedians. Jeff maintains accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where he promotes his recent and upcoming projects, including video specials, tours, and television appearances. He also uses Twitter to share his daily thoughts and humor.

Jeff’s social media presence often features his puppets, with Audrey making occasional appearances. Their children appear more frequently in his posts than Audrey does. On Instagram, there are some photos of Audrey posing with her family for Halloween.

Jeff uses social media in addition to his YouTube page, where he posts short films and videos to advertise his trips. He operates a personal website where he offers products, tickets, and event details. His continued success in the comedy circuit has also resulted in appearances on many blogs and YouTube channels. Audrey, on the other hand, would rather keep a low profile and concentrate on her work and family away from the spotlight.


  • Birth and Early Life: Audrey Murdick was brought into the world on August 29, 1980, in Norco, California, USA. Her people, Steve and Sally Murdick, bestowed in her a fondness for health and sports starting from the start.
  • Career: Audrey is an affirmed nutritionist, wellness mentor, and performer. She has an excitement for health and lifting loads, which she pursued nearby her calling in sustenance. Audrey’s obligation to her craft has obtained her affirmation in both the health and news sources.
  • Association with Jeff Dunham: Audrey met famous comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham in 2009 when she was utilized as his wellness mentor. They got partaken in December 2011 and hitched in October 2012. They have twin kids named James Jeffrey and Jack Steven.
  • Family Establishment: Audrey has two senior kin, Tim and Scratch Murdick. Her people, Steve and Sally, were really connected with sports and proactive undertakings, influencing Audrey’s excitement for wellbeing.
  • Individual Life: Audrey participates in a rich lifestyle with Jeff Dunham, whose combined all out resources with Audrey is evaluated to be around $60 million. They live in a magnificent estate and proposition a love for social event things like model helicopters and muscle vehicles.


Audrey Murdick, brought into the world on August 29, 1980, in Norco, California, is an affirmed nutritionist, wellness mentor, and performer. Her experience growing up in a family vivacious about sports and wellbeing began her benefit in lifting loads and food. She gained appreciation for her obligation to wellbeing and in the end met Jeff Dunham, whom she married in 2012. Together, they lead a sumptuous lifestyle and proposition a friendship for social occasion various things.


Who is Audrey Murdick hitched to?

Audrey Murdick is hitched to prominent comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. They got hitched in October 2012.

What number of children does Audrey Murdick have?

Audrey and Jeff Dunham have twin kids named James Jeffrey and Jack Steven, brought into the world on October 11, 2015.

What is Audrey Murdick’s calling?

Audrey is an affirmed nutritionist, wellness mentor, and performer. She has an energy for health and working out and has gained appreciation in both the wellbeing and news sources.

What is Audrey Murdick’s all out resources?

Audrey Murdick, close by her significant other Jeff Dunham, has a normal complete resources of around $60 million.

Does Audrey Murdick have family?

To be sure, Audrey has two senior kin named Tim and Scratch Murdick. They were raised in a mindful family that empowered a close by bond among family.

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