June 23, 2024
King Javien Conde: The Untold Truth About Erica Mena’s Son

King Javien Conde is well-known as the son of American celebrity Erica Mena. Erica Mena gained prominence as a former model, video vixen, author, and television personality, especially through her participation in the reality show “Love & Hip Hop: New York.” She has also made notable appearances on shows like “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” and “Hip Hop Squares.”

King Javien Conde is Erica Mena’s first-born son. Despite his connection to a high-profile celebrity, King Javien prefers to lead a private life, away from the constant scrutiny of the public eye. His introverted nature often leads to speculation about him having a disability, but this is merely a reflection of his privacy preference. King Javien’s choice to stay out of the limelight underscores his desire for a normal, quiet life amidst the celebrity world of his mother. For those curious about King Javien’s age and current whereabouts, details are sparse due to his family’s decision to keep certain aspects of his life private.

Who Is King Javien Conde?

Who Is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde, the eldest son of Erica Mena, was born on March 1, 2007, in New York City. His birth marked an important chapter in Erica’s life, as she became a mother at the young age of 19. King Javien carries a rich heritage, being of mixed Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, and he holds American nationality. His early years in New York City were shaped by his mother’s journey in the entertainment industry, but despite the spotlight on his family, King Javien has maintained a private and introspective lifestyle.

King Javien Conde’s Biography 

King Javien Conde is a well-known celebrity child, born on March 1, 2007, in New York City. His parents, Raul Conde and Erica Jasmine Mena, are prominent figures in the entertainment industry. Raul Conde is a respected American rapper, while Erica Mena is a renowned model and television personality. Erica was just 19 years old when she gave birth to King Javien, marking an early start to her motherhood journey.

Although King Javien’s parents have chosen to keep much of his life private, his mother frequently shares photos of him on her social media platforms, giving glimpses into his life. Additionally, King Javien has made appearances on the reality show “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” where his mother’s career has been prominently featured. Despite being in the public eye, King Javien maintains a relatively low profile, balancing his unique celebrity heritage with a desire for privacy.

King Javien Conde’s Profile Summary 

Full NameKing Javien Conde
Date of BirthMarch 1, 2007
Age17 years old (As of 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Place of BirthNew York City
CountryUnited States of America
Current ResidenceNewburgh, New York
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDark Brown
ParentsRaul Conde and Erica Jasmine Mena
SiblingsSafire Majesty Samuels
Legend Brian Samuels
Famous asErica Mena’s son

What Is King Javien Conde’s Age?

King Javien Conde was born on March 1, 2007, in New York, United States. As of 2024, he is 17 years old, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. King Javien currently resides with his mother, Erica Mena, in Newburgh, New York. Despite being the son of well-known personalities in the entertainment industry, King Javien leads a relatively private life.

King Javien Conde’s Early Life

King Javien Conde's Early Life

King Javien Conde’s journey began on March 1, 2007, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. From the moment he was born, his life became part of a captivating narrative woven into a family rich in cultural heritage. Raised amidst the bustling world of celebrity, thanks to his mother’s prominence in the entertainment industry, King’s childhood was uniquely colored by the glitz and glamour of the spotlight. His story is further enriched by his Puerto Rican and Dominican roots, adding depth to his personal and cultural identity.

Despite the inevitable challenges that come with being in the public eye, the dynamics within King’s family are a testament to resilience, love, and enduring bonds. As he navigates through adolescence, King finds strength and guidance in his family ties, which act as both a compass and a foundation. These familial connections shape his character in profound ways, extending far beyond the superficial allure of the celebrity world.

King Javien Conde’s Education

Despite the fame of his parents, King Javien Conde’s education remains largely private. He is primarily homeschooled, which allows him to pursue his studies away from the prying eyes of the media. This approach provides King with a stable and focused academic environment, ensuring that his education is prioritized without the distractions that often come with public life.

King Javien Conde’s Height & Weight 

According to multiple sources, King Javien Conde stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, which is approximately 1.75 meters, and weighs around 60 kilograms. However, specific details about his other body measurements remain undisclosed.

Who Are King Javien Conde’s Parents? 

King Javien Conde’s parents, Erica Jasmine Mena and Raul Conde, are well-known figures in the entertainment industry. Raul and Erica began their relationship in 2001, and in 2007, they welcomed their son, King Javien Conde. Despite their initial happiness, the couple faced irreconcilable differences, leading to their separation in 2011, with Erica gaining custody of King Javien.

Erica later found love again with Jamaican-American rapper Safaree Lloyd Samuels. The couple married in October 2019 and soon expanded their family. However, their relationship also faced challenges, and they ultimately separated in 2022. Despite the complexities of their familial relationships, Erica remains a devoted mother, navigating her career and personal life with resilience and strength.

Who Is King Javien Conde’s Father?

Who Is King Javien Conde's Father?

Raul Conde was an influential American media personality and video director, best known for his work on the 2004 hit song “Lean Back.” The track, which he directed, topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks and remains a significant milestone in his career. Raul was also a key member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad label, contributing to the group’s success in the hip-hop industry. Tragically, the celebrated rapper and director passed away on November 21, 2023, at the age of 52, following a heart attack. 

Who Is King Javien Conde’s Mother?

Who Is King Javien Conde's Mother?

Erica Mena, born on November 8, 1987, is a multifaceted American actress, singer, model, video vixen, and reality TV star. As of 2024, she is 36 years old. Erica was born to Brian Mena and Sonia Mena. She first gained attention through her appearances in hip-hop music videos for prominent artists such as Fabolous, Chris Brown, Akon, and Fat Joe, establishing herself as a sought-after model and video vixen.

Erica’s fame skyrocketed from 2011 to 2023 through her prominent role on the reality television show “Love & Hip Hop,” with notable appearances in both the New York and Atlanta seasons. In addition to her reality TV success, Erica is also a talented actress, having appeared in several films. Some of Erica Mena’s notable movies include:

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  • Almost Amazing
  • The Millennial
  • The Stepmother
  • The Assistant
  • You’re Not Alone
  • Picture Me Dead

Who Are King Javien Conde’s Siblings?

Who Are King Javien Conde's Siblings?

King Javien’s parents, Raul and Erica, began their relationship in 2000, when Erica was still in her teenage years. However, the relationship eventually ended due to allegations of aggressive behavior from Raul, which led to their breakup. In 2018, King Javien’s mother, Erica, received a marriage proposal from Jamaican-American rapper and television personality Safaree Lloyd Samuels. The couple exchanged vows on October 7, 2019, at the Legacy Castle in New Jersey, marking a new chapter in Erica’s life.

Throughout their union, Erica and Safaree welcomed two children together, Safire Majesty Samuels and Legend Brian Samuels, adding joy and fulfillment to their lives. However, despite their efforts, Erica and Safaree faced challenges in their relationship and ultimately decided to part ways in 2022, navigating their separate paths with grace and dignity.

What Is King Javien Conde’s Disability?

There is no indication that King Javien has any disabilities. Despite this, Erica’s fans have occasionally speculated about Javien’s behavior, sometimes questioning his mother’s efforts to support him. During a family vacation, the reality TV star shared a photo that sparked various reactions, including curiosity about Javien’s well-being. Some individuals assumed he might be autistic, leading to discussions and assumptions among fans. However, it’s essential to recognize that such assumptions are not necessarily accurate or fair, as Javien’s privacy and individuality should be respected.

King Javien Conde’s Career 

As King Javien Conde’s career trajectory continues to evolve, the rich tapestry of his family’s involvement in the entertainment industry lays the groundwork for a multitude of opportunities. With a mother renowned for her appearances on VH1 and a father associated with the prestigious Terror Squad, King Conde’s potential career paths are as diverse as the myriad influences that shape his identity.

The artistic legacy of his family serves as both a solid foundation and a springboard, offering avenues such as acting or modeling. The journey of his career is still unfolding, and as each chapter unfolds, it promises to be a narrative brimming with creativity, passion, and an unwavering pursuit of dreams.

King Javien Conde’s Social Media Presence

While King Javien Conde maintains a low public profile, the analysis of his online presence becomes a fascinating aspect of his narrative. In an age where social media often offers insights into the lives of public figures, King Conde’s deliberate choice to navigate the digital realm discreetly adds an air of mystery to his persona.

Though his social media activity is limited, it serves as a canvas where fragments of his life, aspirations, and potential future endeavors are subtly revealed. In a landscape where every online action is subject to scrutiny, King Javien Conde’s careful curation of his digital footprint reflects a thoughtful approach to balancing the private and public aspects of his life.

King Javien Conde’s Net Worth

Assessing the net worth of a young individual often involves considering the combined wealth of their family. In the case of King Javien Conde, the amalgamation of his mother’s successful modeling career, his father’s contributions to the music industry, and the collective efforts of the family shape a financial landscape that transcends individual pursuits.

While precise figures are elusive, it’s reasonable to speculate that King Javien Conde’s net worth falls within the range of $1 million to $5 million. This estimation, though not comprehensive, offers a glimpse into the financial foundation that supports his aspirations and the opportunities that await him in the future.

Facts About King Javien Conde

  1. Ethnicity: King Javien has a mixed heritage, with Puerto Rican and Dominican roots.
  2. Early Parenthood: Erica Mena became a mother at the age of 19 when she gave birth to King Javien.
  3. Celebrity Family: His parents, Erica Mena and Raul Conde, are both prominent figures in the entertainment industry.
  4. Privacy and Introversion: King Javien values his privacy and is known to be introverted.
  5. Sibling Dynamics: He has two younger siblings from his mother’s subsequent marriage.
  6. Educational Background: King Javien is homeschooled, keeping his academic life private.
  7. Parental Relationships: His parents’ relationship was tumultuous, ultimately leading to divorce.
  8. Speculations about Disability: Despite rumors about his behavior, King Javien does not have a disability.
  9. Future Career Possibilities: With diverse career options in entertainment, King Javien has the opportunity to explore various paths.
  10.  Financial Landscape: King Javien’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, considering his family’s collective wealth and success.

FAQs About King Javien Conde’s

Q: Is King Javien Conde a celebrity? 

Yes, King Javien Conde is a celebrity child, known as the son of Erica Mena, a well-known model, author, and television personality.

Q: What is King Javien Conde’s age?

 King Javien Conde was born on March 1st, 2007, making him 17 years old as of 2024.

Q: Where does King Javien Conde live? 

King Javien Conde resides with his mother in Newburgh, New York, United States.

Q: What is King Javien Conde’s ethnicity? 

King Javien Conde has mixed Puerto Rican and Dominican ethnicities.

Q: Does King Javien Conde have any disabilities? 

No, King Javien Conde does not have any disabilities, despite rumors and speculations.


King Javien Conde’s life is a captivating fusion of celebrity allure, familial intricacies, and the unique trials of being raised amidst public scrutiny. Despite his immersion in the entertainment world from a young age, he cherishes his privacy and opts for a modest public presence. As he traverses the complexities of growing up in the limelight, King Javien Conde’s tale embodies a blend of creativity, ardor, and a pursuit of equilibrium between the personal and public realms. With each step, he embraces the challenge of carving out his path while honoring the rich tapestry of his familial legacy.

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