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Laura Marie Holtzmann: Bio, Education, Parents, Personal Life, Net Worth, & More

Laura Marie Holtzmann is often a subject of curiosity among those acquainted with the influential teachings of her mother, Joyce Meyer. As the eldest daughter of this renowned author and preacher, Laura’s life journey has been closely associated with the spotlight. However, she has successfully forged her own path away from the public eye.

Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann?

Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann?

It’s fascinating to discover that Joyce Meyer, a prominent figure in the American Charismatic Christian community, is the mother of Laura Marie Holtzmann. Joyce has left a significant mark as the leader of Joyce Meyer Ministries and as a well-known author. Her spiritual journey began with a profound awakening at the age of nine, setting her on a path of spiritual growth and influence.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Wiki

Full NameLaura Marie Holtzmann
Date of BirthApril 5, 1968
Place of BirthSt. Louis, Missouri
ParentsJoyce Meyer (mother) and Dave Meyer (father)
SpouseDouglas Holtzmann Sr.
Children1. Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II (with wife Tanna Holtzmann)
2. Austin Taylor
3. Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch
4. Emily (Holtzmann) Wood
Siblings1. Daniel B. Meyer
2. David Meyer
3. Sandra Ellen McCollom
HeightApproximately 5 feet 5 inches
WeightAround 110 pounds
OccupationActively involved in Joyce Meyer Ministries, particularly Hand of Hope outreach program
Net WorthEstimated over $8 million (though not publicly disclosed)
EducationAttended a Christian college in California
LifestyleValues privacy and leads a quieter, family-focused life away from the spotlight
AchievementsEngaged in charitable activities through Hands of Hope program
Notable EventsMarried Douglas Holtzmann Sr. in 1987; children’s marriages: Abigail in October 2020, Emily in March 2021
Eldest son Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II started a family with wife Tanna Holtzmann
Personal BeliefDeeply rooted in her family’s faith and principles; values love, faith, and togetherness

Laura Marie Holtzmann Early Life

Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in the United States. Raised in a devout Christian household, her parents, Joyce and Dave Meyer, instilled strong values in her from a young age. Laura is the eldest among her siblings, Daniel, David, and Sandra. Growing up in this environment deeply influenced her beliefs and principles, fostering a commitment to charity and ministry that would shape her life’s path.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Education

Laura Marie Holtzmann embarked on her educational journey with a strong emphasis on self-discovery and her faith. Beginning in high school, she laid the foundation for her academic pursuits. Later, she chose to further her education at a Christian college in California, a decision that significantly shaped her beliefs and values. While she prefers to keep the specifics of her education private, it’s evident that her time at the Christian institution profoundly influenced her perspective and ideals.

Laura’s educational path highlights her commitment to personal growth and spiritual exploration. Opting for a Christian college indicates her desire to integrate her academic studies with her religious beliefs. It reflects her holistic approach to learning, where education isn’t just about acquiring knowledge but also about deepening her understanding of faith and spirituality.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Age

Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in the United States. Her parents, Joyce Meyer and Dave Meyer, welcomed her into the world with love and affection, naming her Laura Marie. As of 2023, Laura Marie will celebrate her 55th birthday, marking another year in her life journey.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Height & Weight

HeightApproximately 5 feet 5 inches
WeightAround 110 pounds
Eye ColourWarm brown
Body TypeAthletic

Laura Marie Holtzmann has three siblings: Daniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, and Sandra Ellen McCollom. Standing at approximately five feet five inches tall, Laura has an athletic frame and weighs around 110 pounds. With warm brown eyes and a slender physique, Laura exudes a graceful presence.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Parents

Laura Marie Holtzmann Parents

Laura Marie Holtzmann is often recognized as the daughter of renowned speaker Joyce Meyer and her husband, Dave Meyer. Joyce Meyer is celebrated in the Christian community for her motivational speeches and leadership of Joyce Meyer Ministries, while Dave Meyer serves as the Vice President of the same ministry.

Growing up, Laura was immersed in her parents’ steadfast commitment to their faith and ministry, which deeply influenced her own beliefs and values. Their dedication to spreading the Christian gospel left a profound impact on Laura, shaping her views and perspective on life.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Siblings

Laura Marie Holtzmann Siblings

Laura Marie Holtzmann was raised in a close-knit family alongside her two brothers and sister, deeply involved in their mother’s ministry work. Her brother, David L. Meyer, followed a path of faith, eventually becoming a pastor and later the CEO of Hand of Hope Outreach. He has also embraced family life, navigating the joys and challenges of marriage and parenthood.

Laura’s sister, Sandra Ellen McCollum, likewise embraced their mother’s calling, serving as a pastor at Living Word Church. Like their mother, Sandra is also a writer, using her words to spread hope and encouragement. The youngest brother, Daniel Meyer, has also embraced the family’s faith, leading as the CEO of U.S. Operations at Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Together, Laura and her siblings form a formidable team within their mother’s ministry, each contributing their unique talents and passions to help it thrive and make a positive impact.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Married Life And Children

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s love story began at a pizza joint in August 1985 when she was just seventeen years old. It was a blind date that introduced her to Douglas Holtzmann Sr., igniting a beautiful flame that led to their wedding in 1987. Since then, they have built a life filled with laughter and love.

Together, Laura and Douglas have four wonderful children, bringing them endless joy. Their eldest son, Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, and his wife Tanna Holtzmann, have started their own family, blessing Laura and Douglas with two lovely grandchildren.Their second son, Austin Taylor, found fulfilment as a police officer and in his marriage, taking a different path but bringing equal pride and happiness to his parents.

Laura’s daughters, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood, embraced married life in October 2020 and March 2021, respectively, beginning their own chapters of love and happiness.

Despite their busy lives, Laura and Douglas remain deeply connected to their family and faith, actively participating in Joyce Meyer Ministries. However, Laura values her privacy and chooses to keep her life away from the public eye. For her, family and the things that truly matter are the most important focus in life.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Career

Laura Marie Holtzmann Career

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s involvement in the “Hands of Hope” program within Joyce Meyer’s ministry reflects her compassionate nature and deep commitment to helping others. As the eldest daughter of Joyce and Dave Meyer, Laura is actively engaged in various charitable activities alongside her siblings.

One of Laura’s most impactful initiatives is her work with the “Hands of Hope” program, which provides aid to individuals facing crises worldwide, particularly in regions like Asia and Africa affected by floods, insurgencies, and other disasters. Despite her preference for a private life, Laura’s dedication to this cause shines brightly.

Her involvement with “Hands of Hope” is a testament to her sincere empathy and desire to effect change, not merely a fulfilment of familial duty. Laura exemplifies the values of empathy and service instilled in her upbringing by generously giving her time and resources. Her willingness to extend a helping hand to those in need, regardless of their location, demonstrates her strong commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Laura’s exemplary character serves as a reminder that even small acts of kindness can have a significant impact on the lives of others. Through her actions and support for those in need, she inspires others to join her in spreading compassion and love throughout the world.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Net Worth

As of 2024, Laura Marie Holtzmann’s salary and net worth remain undisclosed, as she maintains a private stance on her financial affairs. However, due to her significant wealth, estimated to be over $8 million, her mother Joyce Meyer has garnered media attention.

The opulent lifestyle of Joyce Meyer first came under scrutiny in 2003 when the St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealed details. Much of Meyer’s lifestyle was supported by her ministry, which included a $2 million residence, a $10 million business plan, a $107,000 Mercedes for her spouse, and $2 million homes for her children. The ministry itself attracted media attention for its extravagant purchases, such as a $30,000 round table made of malachite and a $23,000 antique commode with a marble top, all for its $20 million headquarters.

Despite facing financial controversies, Joyce Meyer continues to lead a ministry that impacts millions worldwide. Her story sheds light on the complexities of wealth and fame, as well as the responsibilities that come with them. While Laura maintains secrecy regarding her own finances, she remains a supportive presence in her mother’s ministry, contributing in various ways.

Social Media Platform

Social Media PlatformAccountDescription
InstagramLaura Marie Holtzmann InstagramFollow Laura Marie Holtzmann on Instagram for updates on her life and activities.
TwitterLaura Marie Holtzmann TwitterStay updated with Laura Marie Holtzmann’s tweets by following her on Twitter.
FacebookLaura Marie Holtzmann FacebookConnect with Laura Marie Holtzmann on Facebook for news and updates.
YouTubeLaura Marie Holtzmann YouTubeSubscribe to Laura Marie Holtzmann’s YouTube channel for videos and insights.
LinkedInLaura Marie Holtzmann LinkedInConnect with Laura Marie Holtzmann on LinkedIn for professional updates and networking.

Stay connected with Laura Marie Holtzmann across various social media platforms to keep up with her latest updates and activities. Follow her on Instagram for glimpses into her life and daily happenings. Stay informed about her thoughts and insights by following Laura Marie Holtzmann on Twitter. Connect with her on Facebook to receive news and updates directly from her. For videos and deeper insights, subscribe to Laura Marie Holtzmann’s YouTube channel. Lastly, for professional updates and networking opportunities, connect with Laura Marie Holtzmann on LinkedIn.

FAQs about Laura Marie Holtzmann

Q1. Who is Laura Marie Holtzmann?
A1. Laura Marie Holtzmann is the eldest daughter of Joyce Meyer, a well-known author and preacher in the American Charismatic Christian community.

Q2. What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s date of birth and birthplace?
A2. Laura Marie Holtzmann was born on April 5, 1968, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Q3. Who are Laura Marie Holtzmann’s parents?
A3. Laura’s parents are Joyce Meyer (mother) and Dave Meyer (father).

Q4. Does Laura Marie Holtzmann have siblings?
A4. Yes, Laura has three siblings: Daniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, and Sandra Ellen McCollom.

Q5. What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s occupation?
A5. Laura is actively involved in Joyce Meyer Ministries, particularly in the Hand of Hope outreach program.

Q6. What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s net worth?
A6. Laura’s net worth is estimated to be over $8 million, although it’s not publicly disclosed.

Q7. What is Laura Marie Holtzmann’s educational background?
A7. Laura attended a Christian college in California, although specific details about her education are kept private.

Q8. How tall is Laura Marie Holtzmann and what is her weight?
A8. Laura is approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 110 pounds.

Q9. Is Laura Marie Holtzmann married?
A9. Yes, Laura is married to Douglas Holtzmann Sr.

Q10. How many children does Laura Marie Holtzmann have?
A10. Laura and Douglas have four children: Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch, and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood.


Laura Marie Holtzmann, the eldest daughter of renowned speaker Joyce Meyer, has led a life deeply connected to her mother’s influential teachings and ministry. Growing up in a devout Christian household, Laura was immersed in values of faith, charity, and service. Despite the attention that comes with her family’s prominence, Laura has forged her own path, prioritising family, faith, and philanthropy.

Laura’s dedication to her family and her active involvement in charitable initiatives, notably the “Hands of Hope” program, highlight her compassionate nature and commitment to making a difference. While she maintains privacy about her personal life and financial matters, Laura’s contributions to her mother’s ministry and her advocacy for Joyce Meyer’s work reflect her core values of empathy, service, and love.

Through her engagement on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, Laura Marie Holtzmann continues to inspire others with her wisdom, updates, and messages of compassion and faith.

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