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Robyn Crawford Net Worth: Bio, Husband, Height, Career & More

     Robyn Crawford’s Net Worth

    $10 million

Robyn Crawford is a shining example of brilliance, tenacity, and unyielding resolve; she has achieved notable success throughout her career. Examining her wealth, accomplishments, and notable tales as we approach 2024 provides a fascinating look into her extraordinary life. Robyn Crawford’s career is full of fascinating details. She has an estimated net worth of $10 million, which she mostly acquired from her responsibilities as a producer in the spotlight of life achievement. By providing insights into Robyn Crawford’s life trajectory, estimating her net worth for 2024, and exposing fascinating details that enhance her story, this piece seeks to capture the essence of Robyn Crawford’s life.

Robyn Crawford’s Net Worth

Robyn Crawford, a famous actress, producer, assistant, and former creative director, has skillfully diversified her income streams by using her contacts with wealthy people and her professional jobs. Her director and assistant jobs have boosted her salary.

Crawford became wealthy through a variety of means, including her job as a producer in life achievements. Both “A Song for You” and “My Life With Whitney Houston,” published in 2019, have contributed to her estimated $10 million net worth. These publications reveal her relationship with Houston and the renowned singer’s private life. Crawford undoubtedly earned royalties, advances, and book sales from these novels.

Crawford has invested in real estate to diversify her portfolio in addition to writing. A tangible asset in her wealth creation technique is her luxury New Jersey home with her husband Lisa Hintalmann. Her home’s value is unknown, but it boosts her net worth.

Crawford earns between $25,000 to $105,000 in the US from advances, royalties, and book sales as an author. Novelist and producer success boosts her wealth and solidifies her status in the literary and entertainment realms.

Who is Robyn Crawford?

Who is Robyn Crawford?

Born in East Orange, New Jersey, on February 8, 1963, Robyn Crawford is a famous memoirist. In 2019, her memoir, “A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston,” made her famous worldwide. This biography, in which Crawford frankly recalls her romantic relationship and longtime friendship with Whitney Houston, has garnered worldwide interest.

Crawford’s memoir garnered mainstream recognition, including coverage in Oprah Magazine and Essence. Her interviews with Lena Waithe and Jada Pinkett Smith brought her further attention and revealed her relationship with Houston.

Robyn Crawford’s memoirs and writing have shaped American literature and popular culture. She has become a respected memoir writer by mesmerizing audiences with her touching stories of love, friendship, and resilience. 

Biography of Robyn Crawford

Biography of Robyn Crawford

Entertainment superstar Robyn Crawford was born in New York, New Jersey, on December 17, 1960. Her mother Janet was lovely, while her father abandoned and tormented her. She spent her childhood in East Orange, New Jersey.

Robyn’s mother, Janet, and brother, Marty, were diagnosed with HIV in the 1990s, adding to her suffering. She persevered and began personal and educational improvement despite the obstacles. Robyn pursued higher education and talent development to impress her parents and honor their memory.

Robyn Crawford’s perseverance and willingness to develop have defined her journey and made her a successful entertainment business figure.

Robyn Crawford WIKI

Real NameRobyn Crawford
BirthdateDecember 17, 1960,
BirthplaceNew York, New Jersey, USA
ProfessionPersonal Assistant and Author
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Current ResidentsUS
Famous ForActress, Author and Producer

Body Measurement

Robyn Crawford, born December 17, 1960, is 60 on August 18, 2021. She weighs 136 pounds and is 5’9″. Robyn’s brown eyes and black hair make her stand out.

Early Life of Robyn Crawford

Early Life of Robyn Crawford

Robyn Crawford, an Aquarius, was born in East Orange, New Jersey, on December 17, 1960. Her mother left her father due to abuse, and her sibling died of AIDS as her mother battled it. Beyond these terrible circumstances, Robyn’s parents and siblings are unknown, shrouding her upbringing.

Robyn’s education is mostly unknown. Given her achievements, it’s likely she attended reputable local schools. Robyn’s perseverance and resilience helped her succeed in the entertainment world despite her difficult beginnings.

Educational Background

Robyn graduated from Howard University, a top academic institution. Their passion for learning and dedication to educational achievement have always underpinned her exceptional career. Robyn’s academic devotion has helped her grow personally and professionally. She has developed a variety of career-advancing abilities through hard work and determination. Robyn’s story shows how education may change one’s life.

Robyn Crawford’s Personal Life

Robyn Crawford, born February 8, 1963, in East Orange, New Jersey, endured several early hardships. Her mother left her father due to abuse, causing family strife. Robyn’s brother and mother died of AIDS. Robyn’s early years were shaped by these adversities, developing resilience and a desire to overcome life’s challenges. Robyn’s resilience and perseverance helped her succeed despite her challenges.

Revealing the relationship with Whitney Housten

Robyn Crawford met 16-year-old Whitney Houston in 1980 at 19. Their friendship turned into a sexual partnership at an East Summer Camp after their first meeting. Robyn’s love for Whitney led her to become her assistant and creative director.

Robyn and Whitney held onto one another despite social standards and their same-sex status. Friendship, affection, support, and adoration defined their relationship. Robyn’s memoirs, “A Song for You” and “My Life with Whitney Houston,” frankly detailed their personal and professional lives, inspired by this deep bond.

Both books were New York bestsellers because readers related to their challenges and successes. Robyn supported and advised Whitney as her career grew. After a while, Whitney married Bobby Brown, changing their personal and professional lives. Robyn’s influence on Whitney’s rise to popularity and fortune endures, making her a key role in her life.

Who is Robyn Crawford’s Husband? Did She marry

Robyn and fall in love with Talent Entertainment head Lisa Hintalmann? They married and wanted more children after a good relationship. Their shared love of children led them to adopt twins, strengthening their relationship.

Lisa’s accomplishment as Random House’s editorial director adds to their cooperation. They live a happy life in a nice home with their twin children.

However, Robyn’s most major relationship was with Whitney Houston, and her previous partners are unknown. After two years, Robyn realized she was struggling in her relationship with Whitney, despite their great connection and initial romance. She left Whitney for unknown reasons, prioritizing her well-being and changing her personal life.

Robyn Crawford Twins

Robyn Crawford’s life changed in 2000 when she left Whitney Houston’s assistant position. She moved to a new state to find herself and start again. She reconnected with Lisa Hintelmann, a past friend, and their relationship evolved into a passionate and long romance.

Robyn and Lisa’s love grew, prompting them to marry and start a family. Their passion for caring for children led them to adopt twins, enhancing their lives.

After leaving the entertainment world, Robyn pursued different professional paths and diverse experiences. She found fulfillment in working at a tennis club and helping a farm, showing her adaptability and willingness to try new things.

Robyn Crawford began a new life filled with love, family, and personal growth through these changes.

Robyn Crawford Professional Life & Career

Robyn Crawford Professional Life & Career

Once Whitney Houston’s assistant and creative director, Robyn Crawford is famous in the entertainment industry. Robyn has appeared in “The Bodyguard,” “Waiting to Exhale,” “In Between,” and “The Wonder World of Disney.” Her 2019 memoir, which detailed her life and career, particularly her close relationship with Whitney Houston, garnered popular attention.

Robyn and Whitney met as East Orange Summer Camp counselors in 1980. Whitney’s charm and talent made Robyn recognize her as special. Robyn became Whitney’s assistant, executive assistant, and creative director as their friendship grew, helping her ascend to fame.

In her memoir, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston,” Robyn bravely revealed that they were intimately involved. Whitney had to quit their affair after getting her record deal in 1982, despite their deep relationship.

Robyn kept her distance from the public after their split to protect her health. She still felt Whitney’s presence in her life, as shown in her poignant Esquire magazine tribute after Whitney’s terrible death.

Robyn Crawford’s memoir provides a window into her life and illuminates the nuances of friendship, love, and loss of fame and money.

Awards and Achievements

Although Robyn Crawford has not won any honors for her literary or entertainment work, her memoir, “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston,” was a smash. The book was a New York Times Best Seller because readers loved it. Robyn’s storytelling and her relationship with Whitney Houston have left a lasting impression on this achievement. Despite the lack of awards, Robyn’s memoir’s financial success and critical praise cement her status as a respected author and cultural icon whose narrative has shaped literature.

Future Projections

Robyn Crawford’s net worth will improve due to her diverse career. Her memoir’s popularity and sales guarantee a stable income from her writing. Her producing job will also boost revenue. With her diversified skill set and business knowledge, Robyn can capitalize on several revenue streams for long-term financial success. Her financial savvy and artistic talents will undoubtedly boost her net worth as she navigates the entertainment industry.

FAQs about Robyn Crawford:

Q: Who is Robyn Crawford?

A: Robyn Crawford is an author, producer, and former assistant and creative director for Whitney Houston.

Q: Robyn Crawford’s net worth?

A: Robyn Crawford’s estimated net worth is $500,000, largely from her entertainment business work as an assistant, creative director, and author.

Q: Robyn Crawford’s notable accomplishment?

A: Robyn Crawford’s “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston” was a New York Times bestseller. Her open and informative memoir about her deep relationship with Whitney Houston has garnered praise for its sincerity and depth.

Q: How does Robyn Crawford make money from many sources?

A: Robyn Crawford makes money via book sales, entertainment industry production and assistant jobs, and real estate investments.

Q: How is Robyn Crawford’s personal life?

A: Robyn Crawford was born in East Orange, New Jersey, on February 8, 1963. Her mother left her father due to abuse and her brother died of AIDS. Her marriage to Lisa Hintalmann and their adoption of twins show their commitment to personal and family growth.


Robyn Crawford’s tale shows courage, ingenuity, and determination. Starting as Whitney Houston’s assistant, her journey was full of twists and turns that changed the entertainment business. Robyn switched from assistant to writer and producer, demonstrating her adaptability.

Robyn persevered through personal hurdles to succeed. Her memoir, which candidly describes her friendship with Whitney Houston, is a monument to her courage and candor. Robyn’s future is bright as she navigates the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Robyn Crawford’s unique skills and resilience will keep her making waves in the profession. Her story inspires budding creatives that everything is achievable with hard work. 

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