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Wade Benz Obituary, Franklin TN, Wade Benz Has Died – Death

Wade Benz Obituary, Franklin TN, Wade Benz Has Died – Death

Wade Benz’s brief life left an influence on all who knew him. Born November 14, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, Wade began a life of curiosity, enthusiasm, and purpose. He developed a wide range of interests and talents as a community leader and family guy. Wade was cherished by his friends, peers, family, and loved ones for his significant influence and unshakable dedication to those he loved.

Who Was Wade Benz?

Who Was Wade Benz?

Wade Benz, born November 14, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee, to Gary and Diane Benz, had a prolific life till 2011. He excelled at modeling, television, acting, and family, rising fast in each. Wade met Natalie on a Florida beach in 2010 and his life changed. Their love led to their marriage the next year, and they reared their four children in Franklin, Tennessee: Sawyer, Owen, Remy, and Sully.

Wade’s Belmont University education strengthened his passion for politics, technology, and global events. After graduation, he and his father started a business, showing desire and insight. His devoted wife, children, parents, and sister Stephanie McBrayer, now Chase Benz, continue Wade’s legacy of love, passion, and impact. Numerous relatives, nephews, and an outpouring of sorrow and tributes on Harpeth Hills’ website honor him and his significant impact on others.

Quick Bio of Wade Benz

Real NameGary “Wade” Benz, Jr.
Birth DateNovember 14, 1979
Birth PlaceTennessee,United States
ParentsFather: Gary BenzMother: Diane Benz
SiblingsStephanie McBrayerChase Benz

Early Life and Interests

Wade has had a wide range of interests and talents since childhood. He tried modeling, acting, and newscasting before 18. This early exploration laid the groundwork for his diverse career. Wade’s schooling at Christ Pres Academy (CPA), Western Kentucky University, and Belmont University molded his ideals and passions. His Christian faith guided his academic and career choices, providing moral guidance and instilling ideals that defined him.

Education of Wade Benz

High SchoolChrist Pres Academy
UniversityBelmont University

Wade Benz Family

Wade met Natalie on a Florida beach vacation in 2010 and his life changed. They fell in love quickly and married in Franklin the following year. Wade easily became a loving husband and father, creating a loving home. Wade put family, love, and dedication first, following his professional values. His family life was based on these values, creating a nurturing environment for love and growth.

FatherGary Benz
MotherDiane Benz
Brother(s)Not Available 
Sister(s)Not Available 

Personal Life of Wade Benz

Wade was eclectic, and his career reflected his early interests. Wade’s business acumen and their intimate friendship were accentuated by working with Gary. Their friendship went beyond business, showing mutual respect and affection. Wade’s adaptability showed as he worked in multiple businesses while remaining passionate about technology and current events. His drive and dynamic interaction with Gary helped him become a seasoned professional.

Body Measurements of Wade Benz

WeightKg: 77.4Pounds: 170.6 lbs
HeightIn feet: 6′ 2″In centimeters: 187.9 cmIn meters: 1.879 m

Wade Benz was the father of four children

Wade Benz was the father of four children

Wade met Natalie on a Florida beach vacation in 2010, according to Harpeth Hills. The year after their quick romance, they married and moved to Franklin. Sawyer, Owen, Remy, and Sully were their four children, and they enjoyed parenting together. Wade, a Belmont University graduate, loved politics, technology, and global events. After graduating, he started a business with his father.

Wade Benz’s Marital Life

Wade Benz met Natalie on a Florida beach vacation in 2010 and started a deep love relationship. Over the next year, their relationship blossomed into a joyful union. They built a nice home in Franklin’s center to nurture their growing family.

Wade and Natalie have four beautiful children who bring their joy and happiness to the family. Wade enjoyed daddy-daughter dances with his oldest, Sawyer, and Sunday morning fishing with his son, Owen. He had precious daddy-daughter outings with Remy eating donuts, showing his love and joy as a spouse and father. Wade treasured every moment with his youngest daughter Sully, demonstrating his deep love for his family.

Wade Benz’s Personality and Interest

Wade Benz's Personality and Interest

Wade Benz was loved by many because he always welcomed others and made lasting connections. His unconditional love for a family left an indelible effect on everyone who knew him, highlighting his significant impact on many lives.

Wade was dedicated to causes like Christ Presbyterian Academy’s “Unseen Stories” project and personal relationships. His commitment to this project showed his conviction in storytelling’s ability to foster community empathy.

Wade was a CPA Athletics fan and enjoyed the school spirit’s togetherness. He saw how similar excitement might build strong bonds between people from different backgrounds.

Wade read extensively, especially biographies and business magazines, to satisfy his insatiable curiosity. His passion for study influenced his interests and enriched his character, making him a diverse and influential person.

The family requests donations to Christ Presbyterian Academy for the “Unseen Stories” project instead of flowers. Wade’s genuine gift shows his dedication to empathy, understanding, and community harmony.

Achievement of Wade Benz

Wade’s involvement in several clubs and extracurriculars showed his personality, wit, and leadership qualities as well as his athletic ability. Wade was respected by his colleagues for his charm and contagious humor, both on and off the pitch. He stood out in the community for his ability to inspire and lead by example, creating a legacy of collaboration and quality.

Wade Benz Obituary-Death News

Wade Benz Obituary-Death News

We meet today to honor Wade Benz, a beloved Franklin, Tennessee resident whose untimely and terrible death has left his loved ones and neighbors grieving. While we mourn his loss, we must remember his positivity and brightness in all aspects of his life.

Wade was full of passion and pleasure, leaving an unforgettable impression on our community. His contagious energy and genuine friendliness affected everyone who knew him, and his legacy will be remembered.

Despite our loss, Wade’s death highlights the vital need for mental health awareness and support. As a community, we must address the causes of his awful decision and guarantee that no one else suffers in silence.

We should use this occasion to promote empathy, compassion, and open mental health discussions. By providing a secure and friendly environment, we can empower people to seek treatment without judgment or stigma.

A Community Mourns the Loss of Wade Benz

Franklin, Tennessee’s close-knit community is devastated by Wade Benz’s suicide. His sudden death has shaken the area, leaving his family, friends, and loved ones in shock and mourning.

As we mourn this loss, we must acknowledge suicide’s pervasive impact. Beyond family and friends, the entire community feels this loss, emphasizing the need to understand mental health issues.

Wade’s suicide highlights the complexity of mental health and the need to support those in need. It is a painful reminder that we must prioritize mental health and create a society where people can seek help without stigma.

In honor of Wade, let’s develop a community of understanding, compassion, and open mental health conversation. By creating an understanding and supportive environment, we may prevent such tragedies and ensure no one feels alone in their challenges.

Impact on Family and Community

Wade Benz’s death has affected his family and Franklin, Tennessee. Those who knew and loved him miss him. They discover Wade’s lasting impact as they grieve.

As they process Wade’s untimely departure, his family’s grief is immense. Despite the pain, their memories and Wade’s legacy offer peace. His family will always carry his spirit, giving them strength and comfort as they grieve.

Grief and Shockwaves

Wade Benz’s abrupt and sad death has shattered Franklin, Tennessee’s close-knit community. Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances are devastated and in shock after his disappearance.

Wade’s presence affects everyone differently, yet the village mourns together. As the community grieves a loved one, they must stand together and comfort one another.

Shared memories and stories of Wade, sympathetic listening, and mutual consolation help the community cope with their grief. They can grieve together and draw strength from their solidarity and compassion.

Repercussions of Suicide

Wade Benz’s death has tragically affected his family, friends, coworkers, and community. This tragedy highlights the need for better mental health education and support.

Suicide inspires critical views on mental health, emphasizing the need for a stigma-free environment for getting treatment. It highlights the difficulties of mental health and the need to show understanding and compassion to people in need.

Communities must work together to address mental health issues and provide resources and assistance. Society may avert similar tragedies by understanding mental health concerns and showing compassion to people in need. This tragedy calls for society to prioritize mental health and create a culture of care and empathy for all.

Importance of Mental Health Support

Wade Benz’s departure highlights the necessity for strong community mental health support. It reminds us to prioritize everyone’s well-being and ensure they have the resources and support to face life’s challenges.

Mental health support goes beyond treating mental illness to creating a secure and accepting environment where people can seek help. We can empower people to prioritize their mental health and get support by creating a community that values it.

Creating a Safe Environment

Our community needs a support refuge to promote mental health. It takes empathy, compassion, and acceptance to create a safe space where people can talk about their mental health without judgment or stigma.

We can help community members recover and connect by offering a safe space for honest mental health conversations. This loving environment fosters emotional growth by enabling members to seek advice and freely discuss their experiences.

We can remove barriers to getting help and ensure that everyone has equal access to mental and emotional health support.

Greater Understanding and Assistance

Wade Benz’s untimely death highlights the need for community mental health help. Continuous education for ourselves and others is essential to comprehending mental health issues’ complexity. We may explain myths, combat stigma, and foster empathy with this understanding.

We can better spot mental suffering and help by raising awareness. This could involve providing professional resources, supporting therapy or counseling, or listening compassionately.

Together, we can create a mental health-focused community where people feel accepted and validated. Let us support folks going through tough circumstances so they never have to face them alone.

Remembering Wade Benz

Together, we remember and celebrate Wade Benz’s wonderful life. Wade left an unfillable vacuum in our lives. Despite our loss, we must remember his effect on our community and honor him.

We remember Wade’s intense aspirations, lasting memories, and essential contributions to our community. We should mourn his death and remember the joy, generosity, and love he brought us.

Carrying on His Memory

Wade Benz’s death left a gap, yet his memory lives on. We—his family, friends, and community—must maintain his legacy and influence.

We may honor Wade by being kind, kind, and concerned for others. We may immortalize his spirit and improve others’ lives by continuing his work, championing his causes, and sharing his love.

The death of Wade Benz emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion. In a world of separation, we must prioritize understanding and love.

Empathy can create a community where everyone is heard, supported, and appreciated. Let us be empathetic listeners who comfort others in their struggles. These tiny acts of kindness can greatly improve others’ lives, continuing Wade’s legacy of warmth and understanding.

The Urgency of Mental Health Help

Wade Benz’s tragic death inspires us to prioritize community mental health. This tragedy highlights the prevalence of mental health issues and the need for help and understanding.

Let us use this tragic loss to inspire significant change. We must fight for mental health resources, destigmatizing seeking help and creating a culture where people feel empowered to prioritize their health.

We have the power to remove barriers to help, so no one suffers alone. Mental health support is crucial—we must work together to create a society that appreciates everyone’s well-being.

Let us mourn Wade Benz in Franklin, Tennessee, with empathy and unity. His untimely suicide highlights the need for mental health awareness and support. We can honor Wade by being compassionate and establishing a safe space for mental health patients to feel heard and supported. We offer Wade’s family our deepest condolences.

Wade Benz Trivia

  • Wade Benz was born in Nashville, Tennessee, to Gary and Diane Benz on November 14, 1979. Wade, raised with his brother Chase Benz and sister Stephanie McBrayer, pursued modeling, acting, and news broadcasting before 18.
  • Wade graduated from Christ Pres Academy in 1997 and studied at Belmont University, where he began his success.
  • Wade founded USimprints.com with his father, Gary, in 2003. They combined e-commerce with personalized service and high-quality products to meet customers’ needs.
  • USimprints Success: Over two decades, USimprints served over 70,000 customers, including Toyota, T-Mobile, NBC Universal, and the Associated Press.
  • Tragic Death: Wade Benz, 44, died in Nashville from suicide on January 26, 2024. The family has not commented, but reports describe his death.
  • Besides his professional achievements, Wade Benz was a loving son, father, husband, and brother. Wade’s warmheartedness and contagious humor made an indelible mark on those who knew him.


Q: Who was Wade Benz?

A: Franklin, Tennessee residents loved Wade Benz for his wide interests and tremendous achievements. Born November 14, 1979, he led a full life until his 2011 untimely death.

Q: What were Wade Benz’s hobbies and achievements?

A: Wade Benz was a talented young model, actor, and newsreader. He loved politics, technology, and world issues. He co-founded a profitable firm with his father after graduating from Belmont University, demonstrating his entrepreneurial passion and ambition.

Q: How did Wade Benz’s family develop?

A: Wade Benz met Natalie during a Florida beach vacation in 2010. After a brief romance, they married the following year and reared their four children, Sawyer, Owen, Remy, and Sully, in Franklin.

Q: How did Wade Benz affect his community?

A: Wade Benz’s warm personality, family commitment, and community involvement made him popular. He joined many groups and extracurriculars and generously sponsored causes including Christ Presbyterian Academy’s “Unseen Stories” project.

Q: Wade Benz died from what?

A: Wade Benz’s suicide devastated the neighborhood. His tragic death emphasizes the need for mental health awareness and support. It highlights the necessity of creating a supportive environment for mental health patients.


Wade Benz was a multifaceted, passionate, and influential man. Wade left a lasting impression on people he met, from his early modeling and broadcasting career to his entrepreneurship and community involvement. His loved ones and all who knew him will cherish his legacy of cherished memories and profound moments. Although his death was tragic, it highlights the essential need for mental health awareness and care. We can honor Wade and prevent future suffering by promoting understanding, compassion, and nurturing.

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